3 Side-Effects of Permanent Hair Straightening You Should Know


The fact of the matter is, every woman who does not have straight hair craves to have it. That is why so many of them queue up in front of a salon every day. Many of them look to go for the permanent hair straightening. By doing so, they damage their hair much more doing any good. There are certain side-effects associated with permanent hair straightening at a salon which very few know and pay heed.  In this article let’s discuss those side-effects and how you could avoid them.

  1. Breakage

There are many instances where girls who have gone for permanent hair straightening have reported to get hair breakage. Because of the intense heat applied to your hair, it’s quite natural that your hair might become brittle. So, breakage of hair is one of the side-effects you need to be ready to face.

  1. Dryness

It is quite natural that after straightening your hair permanently, your hair will become much drier. This happens because of the intense heat applied to your hair. Also, because of this dryness of your hair, you will also start to face the dreaded hair loss as well. However, if you look to use hair straightener flat irons then you may not have to face such consequences.

  1. Split Ends

Split ends are also a result of permanent hair straightening. As your hair become, brittle due to intense heat, you will the ends of your hair splitting up. So, if you are looking to spare yourself from facing the dreaded split ends then you should book buy a hair straightener after reading the steam flat iron reviews. This will ensure you’re the safety of your hair.

So, if you are looking to get your hair straight then do-it-yourself with a flat steam iron.

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