3 ways to recharge your prepaid connection


Why boot up your laptop or go to the mobile store to recharge your phone connection? We’ve got 3 easy fixes to do the job.

Mobile telephone technology has progressed by leaps and bounds in India. Today, it is not uncommon to see every strata of society use a mobile phone with ease. Not only are handsets available in a range of prices, even mobile phone plans are designed to suit every budget and requirement.

While a lot of people prefer to buy postpaid plans, especially if they travel a lot for work or are constantly plugged into their phones, there are large numbers of people using prepaid plans as well. Prepaid phone users must do the mobile recharge on their phone connections to stay connected.

If you have a prepaid phone connection but are accustomed to recharging it using your laptop/tab or desktop computer only, may we suggest 3 easier options to do the prepaid online recharge using just your smartphone?

1 Access the provider’s website on your phone or use their smartphone app.If you must use the mobile provider’s desktop site version to do the online recharge, then you can do so on your smartphone as well. If you are an Airtel subscriber, log on to the Airtel website on your phone and do the recharge as directed. An even simpler method is to load the myAirtel app on your smartphone and do the online recharge in mere minutes. The myAirtel app is a multi-payment platform that does DTH and phone recharge, and pays your bills for broadband Internet, postpaid phone and also utilities. Even non-Airtel customers can use this app for their bill payments, provided they enter the correct operator’s name whenever asked.

2 Use third party wallets and UPI-enabled apps.UPI-enabled apps are the new frontiers in digital payments, where real time transfer and maximum security are key elements to consider. When you do the online recharge for your number, you can use the BHIM app for immediate recharge. The BHIM payment platform is available on the myAirtel app, if you wish to use it exclusively for your payments. You can also use the Airtel e-wallet, known as the Airtel Payments Bank, for online recharge in a safe and secure manner.

3 Via e-commerce sites. Leading e-commerce sites like Amazon have also started offering online recharge facility across mobile service providers. Choose the recharge option under ‘Pay bills’ on the e-commerce app and select your mobile operator. Input the 10-digit phone number and choose your preferred payment option. You receive an SMS alert from your provider about the recharge, and also from the e-commerce site that the payment has been processed.

See how easy it is to do the online recharge using just your smartphone? You’re welcome!

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