4 Guarantees Of Wood Flooring

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Wood Flooring may be defined as the product made of timber. This product may be used for flooring purpose of houses either in the structural way or aesthetic way. Wood Flooring may be the common choice for flooring for homeowners as it may provide multiple guarantees. Basically, there exist two types of hard Wood Flooring viz. solid hardwood flooring and engineered hardwood flooring. People may ask which one is better. But, both the categories have some pros and cons. These are of thick quality and both can be sanded down and can be finished for lasting long. The customers may ask guarantees for Wood Flooring. The type of guarantees is listed below:

  1. Structural Guarantee

The manufactures should provide the structural guarantee during the supply of planks for installation of wood flooring. This type of Flooring has got some limited lifetime. So, the customers can expect structural guarantee for the Wood Flooring. The planks should not split, crack or wrap during its guarantee period. The materials for Wood Flooring should be stable during its lifetime. Moisture may be the important element for Wood Flooring as it may damage the materials quickly. So, lifetime guarantee may not be available in the area full of moistures.

  1. Residential Finish Guarantee

It is important for Wood flooring industry to provide the residential finish guarantee. The finished Wood Flooring after installation in residential property should last and guarantee has to be provided by the Wood Flooring industry. More or less, it is given like 25 years of guarantee for the residential finish by the Wood Flooring supplier. After the improvement of technology, Wood Flooring industry has upgraded the guarantee up to 35 years. The guarantee does not cover scratches or damage due to moisture.

  1. Commercial Finish Guarantee

This guarantee is used for commercial settings of Wood Flooring like hotels, restaurants. This guarantee is similar to residential guarantee. But, the guarantee period is much lesser than residential guarantee due to heavy traffic available.

  1. Purchase Protection Guarantee

This guarantee is provided by the seller to the purchaser that the Wood Flooring will cost competitive price and the customer will not find any lower rate in the same area of purchase.

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