5 Factors That Make Abu Dhabi’s Best Steakhouses World-Class


There are numerous steakhouses in Abu Dhabi that finding a place to satisfy your cravings for an excellent cut of beef and a few scrumptious sides won’t be a problem.

And, as long as you choose a great restaurant, you won’t regret spending a lot on your dinner since aside from eating the best steak in Abu Dhabi, you will have an impeccable, world-class dining experience.

So what makes the best steakhouses in Abu Dhabi world-class and widely talked about? It’s all because of the following factors:

  • The right atmosphere

Steakhouses can be fine dining or fast casual restaurants. Whichever type of dining experience you prefer, Abu Dhabi’s roster of steak restaurants will give you the ambiance you are looking for.

If you prefer a traditional, fine dining steakhouse, you will definitely find one in Abu Dhabi. The most popular traditional steak restaurants come with dim lighting and posh furniture designed to elevate your dining experience.

Contemporary steakhouses, on the other hand, boast neutral colors and brighter lighting which also work great for making you feel comfortable and cozy as you dine on the choicest steaks the restaurant.  

With a comfortable and stylish ambiance, you are guaranteed to enjoy your dinner in one of the topnotch steakhouses in Abu Dhabi.

  • Helpful and knowledgeable wait staff

Well-trained and accommodating wait staff can transform your dining experience from mundane to topnotch.

Wait staff who have actually tried the menu offerings and know everything on the menu can recommend amazing options for a full course steak dinner. They can also offer suggestions on beverage pairings – something that is also crucial for making your steak dinner truly outstanding.

Knowledgeable wait staff can make recommendations and give you more details about various other menu items.

If you want to know if the meat is sourced from a supplier known for sustainability practices and if the livestock they raise are grass-fed, the server should be able to answer you right away without having to check with the manager or chef.

  • High-quality steaks

The most important element that makes any steakhouse great is, of course, their main attraction: the steaks.

Excellent steaks are characterized by the following:

  • The right thickness – A thick cut, which should be two to three inches thick, allows the meat to be seared on the outside but remain soft and juicy inside.

  • Highest grade – The finest steakhouses serve only prime grade steaks. Prime steak is a top grade of meat which has lots of marbling or threads of fat dispersed throughout the meat. Marbling increases the tenderness and flavor of the meat.

  • Simple yet savory seasonings – The most amazing steaks are not marinated; they are simply seasoned with salt, pepper, butter, and other herbs and spices. The finest steakhouses in Abu Dhabi will even let you choose your rub and sauce so that you enjoy your steak the way you like it.

  • Rested meat – The most delectable steaks are those that are allowed to rest for four to five minutes before being cut and served. When a steak is rested, the juices will move from the center to the edges which, in turn, make the meat juicier and more flavorful.

High-end steakhouses in Abu Dhabi will always give you steaks that will meet your specifications and expectations every single time.

  • A selection of well-chosen side dishes

The most sought-after steakhouses put a lot of thought and pride into their side dishes. They offer the right complement of flavorful options to choose from rather than a wide array of eccentric or mismatched choices.

By having a reasonable number of sides to select from, you can relish every bite of the beautifully cooked steak next to side dishes (think baked potato, grilled broccoli florets, corn on the cob, etc.) prepared to enhance the flavor of the meat and make your meal completely satisfying.

  • Continuous focus on food quality

Lastly, many steakhouses are considered fine dining establishments for good reason. However, when a restaurant devotes more time and energy to putting up fancy appearances, the quality of their food can suffer.

The most celebrated steakhouses develop a reputation for the quality of the food they serve and the impeccable dining experience they offer, not for the posh design, furniture, and cutlery they have.

The most outstanding steakhouses in Abu Dhabi prioritize maintaining the excellent quality of their food and improving or changing menu options that do not meet the standards of their dining patrons.

They will also put in substantial investment in improving their quality of service and premises, but their main priority will always be serving guests first-rate dishes.

When it comes top-rated steakhouses, Abu Dhabi has got you covered.

And by choosing the right restaurant, you will not only get to dine in an impressive steakhouse, you will also satisfy your cravings for a juicy, tasty steak cooked to perfection.


Jenene Bronwin Batts is the Senior Marketing Coordinator at Tourism Development & Investment Company or TDIC. She oversees website maintenance, PR requests, marketing initiatives and all general guests’ enquiries for the company’s destinations, including KOI Restaurant & Lounge and Boa Steakhouse in Abu Dhabi.

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