5 Tasks for Entrepreneurs This Week


No matter what niche you are operating in, there is no denying that entrepreneurs are hard-working, over-scheduled humans.

Running your own business, whether it’s a one-person startup or a multi-office firm, guarantees that there is always something that needs to be done, that needs to be looked over, that needs to be signed off on, that needs to be decided.

Entrepreneurs have to continuously be analyzing the moving pieces, planning future projects, managing the team, and in general, making sure everything keeps going.

For that reason, most of the time, small actions take the backseat and get overlooked or continuously moved to tomorrow’s to-do list. This week, take some time to do these five tasks, and you can be assured that next week will be even more productive.

1. Make an appointment with your bank manager.

As an entrepreneur, one of the most important relationships for you to cultivate is that with your bank manager. This person is in a prime place to guide you, encourage you, instruct you, and support you in fulfilling your company goals.

You don’t want your bank manager to forget about you; after all, this is the person whom you will need to speak to should you wish to obtain necessary financing or apply for a business credit card.

They also can (and should) do a lot more than that. For example, the managers at the best bank in Abu Dhabi seek to ensure that you are protecting your assets sufficiently and staying organized with the moving monies.

For this reason, this week, make an appointment with your bank manager to catch up on how business is doing, update them on your progress, and check in with them. By working on this relationship, you can expect to reap the benefits in the future.

2. Back-up and organize your laptop files.

With so much going on every day, it is understandable that entrepreneurs feel incredibly overwhelmed. And, having a messy laptop is a sure way of taking that overwhelmed feeling to the next level.

This week, schedule some time to go through your device and back-up and organize all of your files. You want to have as little as possible on your home screen, so start by moving desktop files into folders. Then upload your documents and files to something such as Dropbox.

You will be feeling more in control in no time.

3. Scan everything on your smartphone.

Another habit to adopt to help you feel more on top of business is utilizing your smartphone as a scanning device. Whenever someone hands you their business card, you jot down an interesting note, or make a business expenditure and keep the receipt, get into the habit of immediately scanning it to your phone and labeling it.

This habit will help you immensely in the future and can make a significant difference in your productivity. Use your smartphone for something productive every now and again!

4. Hire a house cleaner.

One of the first jobs that entrepreneurs should outsource when they can is cleaning their home. You have a limited amount of time and, unless you find cleaning to be a therapeutic and beneficial activity, then you should absolutely hire a cleaner.

This gives you one less thing to think about at home, providing you with more quality time to spend considering and working on future money-producing projects which are worth a lot more than the expense of a cleaner.

5. Sit down with a cup of tea and read a book.

Every successful person in the world knows the importance of continuing to learn for the rest of their lives. As the fantastic entrepreneur that you are, you may also recognize this fact of life, but don’t find yourself taking the time to read anything.

This is a shame because some of the greatest minds that have ever lived have produced books containing their wisdom, and you can obtain that knowledge just from reading.

This week, map out some time to start reading a book that is related to some aspect of growing your business. You never know what is going to trigger you to alter your thinking, transform your company, or convince you to take out a personal loan for business. You just have to keep exposing yourself to innovative ways of thinking and being.

Over time, seek to read 20 minutes every day (preferably as part of your morning routine). By reading 20 minutes every day, you will fire up your brain, and over the course of a year, you will have far more knowledge than if you had just wasted those 20 minutes.

What actions do you think are essential for entrepreneurs to take this week? Let us know in the comments below!

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