5 Training Courses You Need to Get Ahead in Your Career


He’s moving up. She’s getting promoted. You’re still in the same place.

Are you satisfied with where you are now?

Ahead of the Pack

If you find yourself being stuck in the same position for a good number of years without a promotion in sight, don’t you want to know how to get a move on? Why are your colleagues climbing up the career ladder? What are they doing that you’re not?

Whether you find yourself in this situation or not, you would most likely want to clinch success in your career. It does not really matter if your co-workers are being promoted left and right. What matters more is if you want to improve yourself to advance in your chosen field.

With changes in the workplace happening at such lightning speed – technology-driven systems, artificial intelligence, and digitization, among others – it is not enough to rely on your college degree anymore. You cannot rest on your laurels and remain content with your current level of education.

Change for the Better

Every day, the employment environment is evolving. Companies who want to be future-ready are investing in what’s new and what’s working better. That includes hiring and maintaining competent, skilled and smart-thinking employees who share the same openness to change.

If you do not want to be left behind, you need to shake a leg.

According to the World Economic Forum Report titled Towards a Reskilling Revolution published in January 2018, employees who want to keep up with the swiftly changing employment landscape must make the effort to embrace lifelong learning. This is the key to remaining employable but also lead them to a more meaningful and enjoyable career.

If you want to continue a career that is fulfilling as a well paid professional then you must invest in yourself. Look for learning opportunities where you can enhance your expertise and sharpen your skills. Here are five
training courses in Dubai that you can attend to get ahead in your field:

1. Strategic Management

Aspiring leaders and managers who wish to jumpstart their corporate career further can definitely benefit from a strategic management course. Leaders and managers in any field or industry are no longer simply expected to deliver results. Nowadays, they also need to have knowledge of strategic service or product implementation and in formulating business plans.

Those who want to understand and discover the intricacies of strategic planning, analysis, and the generation of results can have hands-on experience during this training course. Crucial information derived from actual case studies of corporates can greatly benefit all course attendees as well.

2. Certificate in Delivering Service Excellence

One of the skills that are predicted to be in demand in the future is excellent customer service. Now is the best way to start equipping yourself with this if you want to be future-ready.

Regardless of what industry you are in – sales, marketing, financial control, procurement, or organizational design – you will need to harness your skills in customer service.

For you to learn the ropes of becoming more customer-centric, this training course will arm you with the knowledge of demonstrating commitment to service excellence, outlining strategies to help transform your business, assessing service levels within your company, and planning a strategy on how to defend your service excellence system.

3. Certificate in HR Policies and Procedures

If you are an HR professional working in employee relations and communications, personnel administration, and policies and procedures, then this is the course for you.

Learn how HR policies and procedures as well as terms and conditions of contracts fit into your organization and how they affect personnel. Get practical tips on how to craft a clear and coherent HR policy, align remuneration strategy with the terms and conditions of employment, and develop effective communication channels with personnel through an effective HR policies and procedures manual.

4. Powerful Business Presentations

At some point in your career, you will need to talk and present to people. Whether it be an intimate internal audience or a group of external publics – guests, clients, or shareholders – a powerful presentation can help you influence others and gain their support.

Presenting your vision in a impactful way can help spur your audience to set and follow-up meetings with you, place orders, sign contracts, and many more beneficial opportunities. Not only will you learn how to create memorable presentations during this training, you will also discover how to use presentation tools to drive change and produce results.

5.  Certificate in Data Analysis Skills

Another sought-after skill in the workplace, data analysis can significantly improve business operations. Having an in-depth understanding of the basics and techniques in data analysis can work to your advantage.

Attending this training course will help you in efficiently describing how data analysis can aid in projects and operations, choose the right data analysis tools, and create effective operational and strategic performance measures.

Moving Up

The workplace environment is changing very fast.

To adapt to the sweeping transformations, you must be open to learning new things. Open your heart and mind to new ideas, techniques, and concepts. Learn from the best in the industry. Listen to the practical tips and golden nuggets of wisdom from people who have been, and continue to be, movers and shakers in their fields.

When you want to move up, change direction, or steer yourself to an exciting new course in your career; it is time to invest time, energy and resources in you.

By looking for new opportunities to improve yourself – whether it’s through short training courses, mini-MBAs, or attending conferences for career development – you ensure that there is nowhere for you to go but up.


With over 20 years of experience in B2B marketing, Annick Nuyens first worked in the hospitality service industry and then moved to the knowledge industry. She currently works for Informa in the Dubai office, where she oversees marketing for public and inhouse training courses, conferences, exhibitions and managed events across the Middle East and Africa.

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