5 Types of Vaping Proof that will shut up the Haters


The vaping community is quite new and has been around for nearly years. In its short existence, it’s already faced numerous and overwhelming challenges – the biggest of which come from haters. It there is one thing that annoys vapers more than any other issues in the community is the offensive articles that generated by haters regarding of the product.  

It is common for people to misinterpret or think vaping is another version of traditional cigarettes or a small hookah. But the presence of haters of vaping products makes very little sense. These people are actually deceived – to hate the electronic cigarettes as well as the e liquid. As a matter of fact, haters perhaps understand about vape products than the newbies in the community. Regardless of knowing everything there is need to know the products, as well as the critics of the electronic cigarette which continue to spread fabricated information. The information serves to provide misunderstanding rather than to enlighten them.

Meanwhile, if you are sick of listening to the critics who go on and on regarding of how some called it the reliable test that proves the bad effect of vaping. Why not learn these six (6) facts from E-liquid Mate which can be used to stop these haters once and for all.

Vaping does not contain any mind-blowing amount of toxins

It doesn’t mean that if there is a nicotine people should be alarmed. The nicotine amount in second-hand vapour actually does not harm bystanders. The study show which was published in the Oxford Journal in 2013 stated that there is no disturbance related toxins in an electronic liquid vapour.

The device does not affect the arteries

Many have perceived a lot of haters that talk openly regarding of how vaping e-juice and using e-cig on a habitual basis can put a person’s at stake. But it appears that there are no scientific grounds for that report. Well, the Greek searchers from Onassis Cardiac Surgery Center (OCC) say vaping e liquid made no difference to the aorta. Additionally, their research is made to make clear smoking two tobacco cigarettes have the possibility to harden the aorta.

Electronic Vaping does not have an impact on the heart

The information was originated to research which carried out by Dr Konstantino Farsalinos who was searching to set a relation between vaping and the circulation of the heart. The findings of the research make it obvious, that the oxygen support the heart. Also with the comprehensive coronary circulation which is not feigned in the least bit by the absorption of the electronic liquid vapour.  The study was acknowledged and approved by the European Society of Cardiology Annual Congress (ESCAC). This provides us with a solid reason to think that vaping does not have the probability to cause harm to human’s circulatory system.

Vaping or Electronic Cigarettes may obviously help smokers quit traditional tobacco.

Of the most common made up information about vaping is that e-cigs have no effect on a person’s desire to stop smoking. This is pretty inaccurate statements which are opposing to what statistics show. A researcher from the University of Auckland as well as from the University of Geneva, embracing the vaping lifestyle can assist the smokers from falling into lapses and stimulating their smoking habit again.  This makes it completely evident that e-cigs are an ideal replacement for tobacco. Also, the study gets advancement to went on to state that the appearance and availability of vape items could serve as a motivation for people that want to limit or stop of their smoking habit.

The truth that E-Cigarette does not lead to Tobacco misuse

Haters regularly claim that e-cigarette opens the entrance for tobacco misuse, especially among teenagers and adults. According to Dr Ted Wagener of University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Center that is not true at all. Recently it was revealed that a very small percentage of college students are inclined to use vaping as steps to smoking. He mentioned there is no evidence that suggests, electronic cigarettes had used a dupe for tobacco use.

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