6 Things Your Child’s Paediatrician Won’t Tell You


Having a baby is a big responsibility and sometimesthe preparations you do during the pregnancy may not be enough. While there are things that a book on having and raising children or a simple internet research might tell you, there are certain things that you learn in the process of bringing up a baby.

A paediatrician is a medical professional who specializes in children and their diseases. They are the doctors that you meet in regards to your child’s health in a children’s hospital.With all the expertise that they hold in child care and nutrition, paediatricians feel that there are certain things that parents need to realize for taking better care of their children.

Among the things that your child specialist wishes you knew are –

Not all spit-ups are vomits

Focusing on the number of parents that come into their clinics confusing after-meal burps for vomiting and mild and frequent vomiting for burps, child specialists feel that this is an issue that parents need to gain more clarity about. For you to be able to tell when your child actually needs medical attention, you need to be aware of the difference between these two phenomena.

You need to pay more attention to when your child is regurgitating. If they are spitting up right after a meal, it might just be fine. However, if this activity is frequent, regardless of when they were last fed, this is when you know your child is vomiting. Unusually coloured or bloody spit-up should also be a thing of concern.

Talk to them about vaccines

Contrary to the myths about vaccination that you come across on the internet, doctors in children’s hospitals don’t want you to lose with their efficacy.While you are busy contemplating whether to opt for vaccination or not, you are also delaying the eradication of the disease.

Instead of trying to find answers on your own, you can involve one of the best child specialists in your locality in this. You can talk to them about the testing and safety of the vaccines. Child specialists can also suggest ways of making shots less painful for you children, for instance breast feeding infants during vaccination and cold sprays for older children.

Don’t look up on the internet for medical advice

According to child specialists in Chandigarh, there are times when parents take it unto themselves to treat their children. They look up on the internet for solutions and go as per the information available, oftentimes making things worse than they originallywere.

Child specialists undergo years of training and have professional experience that makes them an expert in diagnosing issues with a child’s health. However, for parents with no medical training, it is very easy to misunderstand an issue for something it is not. Then again, there’s the whole thing about taking things you find on the internet with a pinch of salt.

You are always welcome to do a little research on your own, but trying to treat your child following a website is something you should steer clear of.

They can help you with maternal depression

Most women only take a couple of postpartum appointments with their OBs, which shouldn’t actually be the case. This way you do not learn about the all the important mother and child care tips and the common issues that women face post childbirth that the doctor has to share.

However, since you frequent a child specialist for atleast the first six month of your child’s birth, they are in the best position to tell if you have special issues, such as postpartum depression, or not. They can help you identify as to what is common and also suggest senior doctors for specific issues you may be facing.

Don’t get into a habit of skipping health check-ups

Often, due to busy schedules or similar reasons, we take to skipping appointments that seem less urgent. And when it comes to children, we tend to follow the same course of action. However, child specialists in Chandigarh suggest that parents shouldn’t be missing out on medical check-ups of their children, who may seem healthy.

Routine check-ups are essential to preventing and managing ailments effectively and should be taken seriously.

Take better care of your child

The cold that your child catches quite frequently may not just be because of the weather outside. Cold or flu is an infection that many a times happen due to weak immunity as well. So, take better care of your child. Make it a point to sanitize their hands after they go about touching things here and there. Clean their ears using Q Tips, limit screen time for your older children, and teach them to eat healthy.

Apart from the above, you must also take time to teach your children healthy habits and also monitor their actions. You can begin with practising what you preach, since children learn fromexamples better. Also, do not threaten your kid with talks of vaccination shots and scary children’s hospitals as it makes them anxious. It is only by being more aware about your child and their issues that you can be instrumental in their proper development.

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