Bandung Factory Outlets, Clothing and Leatherware Abundance


Home into Indonesia’s many textile factories, the town of Bandung offers a lot of outlets where Jakarta shoppers often flock to, to find the most recent trendy apparel at reasonable rates. People planning to travel to cold climate will probably stock on warm clothing here in Bandung. You’ll find factory stores or distribution stores dotting the main Dago avenue, along Jalan Riau up or down the road to Lembang, where Jakarta vehicles on a regular basis jam the parking lots, especially over the weekends. Jalan Cihampelas is the famous road to purchase garments, and by the way, the road is also renowned for the many shops selling all types of crispy tid pieces to bring home to co-workers and relatives.

Some of those outlets are housed in the beautiful colonial houses for which Bandung was famous. In Bandung, you can also find leather goods, from the inexpensive to branded products, made here in Bandung. You will get a wide variety of handbags and shoes in all sizes and shapes. While there are many from the city, the suburb of Cibaduyut specializes in shoes and leatherware. Since the opening of the Cipularang toll road between Jakarta and Bandung, the space between the two cities only takes some 2 hours throughout scenic countryside. So just making a brief day visit to Bandung is worth your while.

Get Around.

Bandung is relatively small, so from one spot to another, you may use public transport or taxi. To make it simpler, rent a car. On this way, you can salvage your energy to shop! Get There. From Jakarta, you can take a flight to Bandung. People that are intrigued seeing the panorama between Bandung and Jakarta could find a train more to their liking. Or you can hire an automobile to come to this town. It only takes two or 3 hours to drive, however. The streets of Dago are simple to find. From the Bandung’s train station or airport, you can book a taxi trip to Dago. Most cabs use flat prices.

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