Beach Villa or Hotel: Which is Right for You?


So you’ve picked your perfect picturesque paradise holiday in the sun and all that’s left is to finalize the dates for your accommodation. As beautiful as the beach is camping is prohibited and so you’re left with choosing between a hotel or a beach villa, well lucky for you we happen to run one of the most luxurious beach villas in Costa Rica and we’re happy to share our knowledge to help you pick out what’s right for you.


First and foremost let’s talk about financials here; whilst a villa holiday may appear to be the more expensive option at first glance when you factor in the number of guests that will potentially be splitting the cost it quickly comes down. If it’s just going to be you and your partner then a hotel may still work out cheaper for you, but even with a 4 person family holiday a villa often undercuts hotels in term of price per night. On top of this, you get the added value of having the place to yourself and essentially living as a local would.

Continue Cost Cutting

At a hotel, they may get a little grumpy if you decide to just waltz into their kitchen (if they even have one) in your dressing gown to start boiling yourself an egg in the morning. Cooking for yourself and the friends and family that have come on holiday with you is not only a luxury bonding moment but a cost-effective one too. Worst case scenario you eat out every night and cook for yourself for breakfast and lunch, you’ll still save a pretty penny in doing so. Even better, in our luxury beach villa in Costa Rica, we have an onsite chef who will procure and prepare the meals for you at cost. How’s that for having your gourmet cooking and eating it?


Whilst a premium location might affect the pricing of a villa a little it’s nowhere near as steep as the increase in room prices at a hotel. This means you can secure sea-views from every room in the house and not have to pay extra per water facing window. In fact, the versatility of villa rentals worldwide means you can pick your perfect paradise in almost any setting you can think of. Our luxury beach villa in Costa Rica the Vista Hermosa Estate enjoys scenic views of the sea from the comfort of our lovely pool. The best of both worlds.

Rest And Relaxation

Undeniably though the most attractive aspect of booking yourself a beach villa as opposed to a hotel room is the privacy it affords you. Some villas have shared spaces or shared pools so it’s important to check the details but ultimately it ensures you have a huge space all to yourself and the ones you hold dearest. No need for a do not disturb sign on the door and no banging on the wall to try and get the honeymooners to give it a rest. Just perfect blissful relaxation however you deem fit.


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