Bespoke Hospitality Packages for Seasonal Goodwill


Are you feeling the corporate hospitality Christmas spirit? Then why not treat your team, management, acquaintances and clients to a sublime festive experience, an exhilarating sports event with the best seats in the stadium, exclusive access areas for fine dining or a show. Allow specialist bespoke hospitality packages provider DTB Sports and Events to create a perfect gift, sign of gratitude or reenergising treat ahead of 2019’s challenges.

Employees are more likely to stay with an employer when they feel valued and part of a cohesive team rather than seeking out the highest wage paying firm.

A client who recognises that you took time to discuss their hobbies and interests and provided them with the benefits of extraordinary bespoke hospitality packages will always remember you ahead of business rivals. In this increasingly digital world, taking time to interact face to face outside of the work environment has become invaluable. Shared memories, laughter, excitement, outstanding luxuries and facilities trump a pub lunch or a boardroom meeting when you want to treat guests.

Hospitality providers packages are competitively priced. Enjoy exceptional quality, considerable return on investment, increased loyalty and a stronger working relationship, simply because you didn’t rely on the phone or e-mail to communicate with them.

As December offers an excuse for indulgence, why not take in a west-end show, a prestigious event like Champions Tennis at the Royal Albert Hall, a football match at Stamford Bridge or the Emirates Stadium and include Christmas shopping as part of an enjoyable weekend or day trip?

Savour Hogwarts in the Snow at Leavesden Studios, The Nutcracker at the London Coliseum or A Christmas Carol at the Old Vic Theatre.

Now in its 22nd year, Champions Tennis is the final event in the iconic ATP Champions tournament series. Only male competitors aged 35 and over who have previously been world number one, played in a Grand Slam final or in a winning Davis Cup team can participate. McEnroe, Malisse, Bahrami and Henman are confirmed for the 2018 event between 6th-9th December.

Perhaps pampering at Stoke Park Hotel and Country Club, a driving day at Goodwood or a ski break would suit tastes better? That’s fine, bespoke hospitality packages providers can take your wish list and make it a reality. Is it someone’s birthday, an anniversary or do you have a unique message or retirement gift for a guest? DTB Sports and Events team enjoys exceptional working relationships with a multitude of venues management so leave your plans in our capable hands.

You may wonder if hiring a professional hospitality provider is vital. The answer is yes. Not only because of the partnerships with venues but because you shouldn’t spend hours co-ordinating a day out, pulling the various strands together, and probably at a higher cost than through a specialist. Save yourself time and stress; experts exist for a reason.

Speak to DTB Sports and Events today and work with one of the best bespoke hospitality packages providers in the country. Sit back and relax; they’ve got your corporate hospitality needs covered.

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