Cannabis stores Edmonton- the best place to purchase Cannabis


Cannabis has become legal and Edmontonians are often finding ways to purchase the Cannabis in a legal manner. Of course, there are many places where the individual customers can very easily find these cannabis. Well, cannabis stores Edmonton is one of the best place in the province the customers can do it legally.

Where can cannabis be consumed in Edmonton?

  • With respect to the public use, the city has come up with companies like Weed Delivery Vancouver where the product reaches the doorsteps.
  • The city has also permitted the use of recreational Cannabis in most of the places.
  • However, there are some limitations imposed on the use of cannabis to private residences or condominiums which may prohibit the use.
  • Moreover, the Government of Canada has also informed that cannabis is legally available to purchase via online.

What can one buy and how much?

  • Products to purchase:

There are some restrictions for people who purchase Cannabis however the products like, cannabis oil, milled cannabis, dried bud, and pre-rolled joints acquired legal transactions.

  • Limitation:

Every adult is allowed to purchase  30 grams of cannabis and not more than that.

  • Each gram contains
  • Five grams of fresh cannabis
  • 15 grams of edible products
  • 25 grams of concentrates
  • One cannabis plant seed
  • 70 grams of liquid products

The difference between medical cannabis and recreational cannabis

Well to be more specific both the medical as well as a recreational are considered as cannabis. However, the major difference exists between how it is sold and who have had legal access to it previously. There are different recreational stores that provide different variety of dried cannabis from 15 licensed producers.

On the other hand, most of the people purchase cannabis, especially for medical use. The medical users may not find the required cannabis in stores can still purchase it directly from the licensed producers. One can simply log on to the cannabis stores Edmonton to see what’s available today and can legally place your order.

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