Car Rental in Calgary for Students: Things to Know about Hiring a Car


When visiting Calgary, do not limit yourself only to visiting one city; explore other neighborhoods and their sights. For this purpose, you need a rented car. Note, that Calgary is an hour’s drive east of the city of Banff, and also three hour drive south of Edmonton on the second highway. Take a trip to the Glenbow Museum, Aerospace Museum, Space Port, and Royal Paleontological Museum. Among the parks, visit Calaway Park, Nose Hill Nature Parks and Fish Creek. By car, you can go to see and even swim in Moraine Lake.

Typically, each car rental in Canada has age limits for drivers. For young drivers, they are caused by increased risks of accidents, a significant share of liability for which is taken by the insurance company.

As soon as a young driver gets his driver’s license, he naturally has a huge desire to sit at wheel and go on a long journey. Nevertheless, not all students can afford their own transport, so you have to contact a rental company. However, young and inexperienced drivers can be are refused there.

Car Rental Requirements

In all countries of the world, even the most developed, rolling companies give out a car for rent only to drivers whose driving experience is not less than two years, and the age is more than 20-21. And companies that provide car rental Calgary age 19 – not an exception to these rules. It also happens in another way: there are no bans on driving for persons who have not reached a certain age, but the category “young driver” is introduced. And if the person who rents a car belongs to this category, then it is necessary to pay extra for the increased risk. The older the driver is and the more experience in driving he has, the higher will be the class the transport available to him for the rental. This is not a whim of companies, since these requirements are based on general statistical data. The statistics says that novice drivers with a driving experience of less than four years are much more likely to fall into accidents.

To hire a car without driving experience is possible. However, it is worth considering that such a contract will be very costly for you, since the firm, being at the risk, requests an increased franchise and payment for a lease, which can exceed the cost of regular rent even by half.

Inspect Rental Car

Before starting the trip, inspect the car for possible scratches and dents and compare it with what is stated in the contract. Immediately mark all undocumented scratches and dents on your copy of the contract and before inserting the key into the ignition lock. Pay attention to the roof (it is often missed), wheels and glass (standard insurance does not apply to them). It’s even better to take a picture of the car from all sides or even shoot a video. Do not forget to check the volume of fuel.

Get Acquainted with Rental Car

Don’t start your trip until you deal with the automatics of the car: check whether you know how to switch on the low and high beam, the rear gear, the alarm, etc. At once, adjust under al the mirrors for yourself and a seat, estimate car dimensions.

At personal return, the representative of car rental firm will examine the car and will fix in its copy of the contract its condition. Often it is enough just to leave the car at the return point. Keep a copy of the contract before unlocking the deposit.

Taking into account all this points, you are guaranteed an ideal and unproblematic journey!

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