Charities and their fight for survival


Charities are popular all over the world for the good work they do. This includes education, healthcare, food provisions and much more. Major charity organizations all over the world have been recognized for their good work and get grants from a lot of places outside the country. One such organization is Doctors Without Borders which provides medical aid to conflict zones. There are many other organizations like this.

Charities in India serve an important purpose. Take for example charities that provide healthcare in the form of hospitals. Some of these hospitals are well-stocked, well-maintained and provide cheap healthcare access to many people.

They are a proper alternative to government run crowded hospitals and private expensive ones. The recent foods in Kerala, Coorg and Nagaland have also shown us the importance of charity work. However, charities, by their very definition need money from other people.

In a world where state sponsoring is limited, privatization rules and people are becoming more self centred, charitable organizations increasingly do not know what is to be done. Despite their good work they fight for their survival. This is why it is important that people know where to approach for financial aid if it is required for charitable purposes.

Crowdfunding in India has gradually taken off as a way to go for medical and non profit campaigns. Crowdfunding campaigns have saved lives and continues to do good work for a lot of people. If you are a charitable organization who need economic support, crowdfunding is the way to go.

What is crowdfunding? It is the process by which lots of people raise small amounts of money in order to raise a large amount usually geared towards a particular cause. Crowdfunding has gained great popularity over the past few years as the internet has become more accessible.

There are many crowdfunding platforms operational in India. There are homegrown ones like Impact Guru, Ketto and Milaap and international ones like Kickstarter, Indiegogo etc. If you are a charitable organization, looking to start your campaign about a certain project, you can use any of them. Your choice of platform will depend on the kind of project that you are doing.

Depending on your kind of project you should choose your platform. Make sure that the platform you are going for has experience in the kind of project that you are going to do. There are many platforms available.

If you are in an emergency situation, go for a platform that instantly approves your project. Your platform should also be able to provide you with a campaign manager and paid packages on crowdfunding are always better than the unpaid ones.

There is more to a successful crowdfunding campaign. Fundraising in India requires a lot of tenacity. Therefore, while you work, you will have to be patient for the donations to pour in. There are various methods to make sure that you get prompt donations. One way is to be sure is to aggressively promote your campaign.

Form a team of people who want to be associated with the campaign. These people will go around posting and sharing your campaign on all social media platforms. There are many platforms available to do this.

You need not just restrict yourself to Facebook. You can use Twitter, Instagram and WhatsApp. Make a poster and share it on WhatsApp. Tell people about your campaign. Personally contact people likely to donate on email. All of this increases the chances of your campaign’s success.

It is difficult to survive as a charity in today’s world. But technology also provides you with the option of more connectivity and therefore more supporters. Crowdfunding is one of those technologies. It is risk free and completely zero investment. It is a great tool in your hand.

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