Choosing Between Braces and Invisalign

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Fairy godmothers seem to have gone out of style these days, but if you want to have straight teeth without making it obvious, your dentist can seem like a fairy godmother. Or perhaps we should also say fairy godfather. That’s because the dental experts at Surprise Dental and Denture offer the Invisalign system. Whether for adults or teens, we are the best choice for a dentist Surprise AZ.

Invisalign vs. Traditional Braces

Both traditional braces and Invisalign are effective in straightening teeth, which of course is their primary purpose. At that point, however, the American Dental Association notes they are as different as night and day. Traditional metal braces mean metal brackets and wires, rubber bands and frequent adjustments. Every time you open your mouth, you announce to the world that you’re having orthodontic treatment. Invisalign braces mean clear plastic aligners that you wear about 23 hours a day. The latter are essentially invisible.

Disadvantages of Traditional Braces

Other than getting your teeth straightened, it’s hard to find advantages to traditional braces. Wires and brackets can rub on your gums, lips and cheeks. Playing sports increases the risk of mouth injury if you fall or take a hit in the face. Lots of foods are on the banned list – popcorn, corn on the cob, apples and many snack foods. Oral hygiene takes more time and extra effort to assure your teeth are really getting clean, and you have to clean the wires and brackets as well. You’ll need an appointment every couple of weeks to get the braces adjusted.

Advantages of Invisalign

Aside from being essentially invisible, most patients would probably focus on a single advantage to Invisalign braces – they are removable. Oral hygiene? Easy, just remove the aligner and clean your teeth. Dietary changes? None needed. The aligner must be removed to eat, so no foods are off limits (although a healthy diet does have benefits for both your teeth and overall health). Playing sports? No worries about injury from your braces. Senior pictures or a family wedding? Take the aligner out for a while and then put it back in. Finally, you won’t need as many dental appointments, since the aligner doesn’t require adjustments.

Orthodontic treatment does improve your appearance. Much more importantly, it leaves you with a more functional and healthier mouth. If you’re looking for a dentist Surprise AZ, please contact us. In addition to Invisalign we offer basic preventive dentistry, implants, cosmetic treatments, oral cancer screening, sleep apnea treatment and botox cosmetic injections. Dr. Jason Melashenko, Dr. Stephanie Mashni and their dental team stand ready to help improve your smile and oral health.

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