Easy booking and cancellations on parking slots near the San Francisco Airport


San Francisco International Airport is the second busiest airport in California. It has a number of international and commercial flights registering their routes from the airport. There are a number of parking options available near the airport for drivers to choose from. A total of 15,000 locations are operational as parking slots on the airport. An equal number of off-site parking options are also present near the airport.

If you are looking for affordable and easily accessible parking options near the SFO Airport then this guide will indulge you in a relaxing parking session.

The various parking options with rates in the SFO Airport

There are a wide range of options available for SFO parking ranging from a price of $2 for a terminal parking for 15 minutes and $38 for a first day Valet parking. Explore through the various short term and long term parking options available with coupons and discounts at the San Francisco Airport.

There are parking spaces available on hourly and daily basis depending on your budget and the time duration of your car parking. If you are only picking up and dropping off someone, then the hourly parking is a great option. If you want to park overnight then opt for daily parking or economy parking lots. Also, there are a total of six parking options available for international parking.

  • The hourly parking range from $2 for 15 minutes to $36 per day.
  • For long term parking options, rates fluctuate between $2 for 15 minutes till $25 per day.
  • For International flights parking, the rates lie between $2 for 15 minutes till $36 per day.
  • The domestic parking rates are from $2 for 15 minutes to $36 per day.

Indulging in easy and affordable parking lots on and near the SFO Airport

The parking options on-site the SFO Airport can be really expensive considering the fact that you might be parking your car for several days. Find the best rates, discounts, and coupons to indulge in an affordable SFO airport parking space.

The parking spaces offered by Way are easily booked are even easy on pocket. They offer the best rates and discounts for an easy parking experience at the SFO Airport. You can reserve a slot for you, by easily logging into their website and finding your convenient parking space. The parking portal offers free cancellations too so you don’t have to worry about any changing travel plans too.

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