Easy Tips to Store Your Pearls Clean Without Compromising Its Quality  


Pearls are beautiful gemstones that need proper care while cleaning. Unlike other gemstones like diamond or sapphire, pearls are organic and so they are less strong than other gems. This makes pearls unique as well as adds on to some responsibilities when it comes to cleaning and storing if you want your pearls to last beautifully.

Since pearls are easily available everywhere, it is difficult to know which pearl is authentic and which isn’t. PearlsOnly is an online shopping site where you will get the most genuine pearl jewelry set that you won’t find anywhere else, that too at a very low cost at your doorstep. They have been selling pearls since 2003 and are trusted by a lot of people ever since.

Buying an authentic pearl doesn’t end your story as pearls need extra attention when it comes to store and clean them. Below are some tips for you that will guide you with information on how to store your pearls beautifully:

  • Pearls are gems that come from a living organism from inside water and so they need oil from your body to keep the shine in it. So, instead of keeping your pearls away, wear them often.
  • If it isn’t possible for you to wear them often, you can still store them but remember to store them in a place where they can breathe such as in satin or silk material. Never store them in airtight containers or with other jewelries as pearls need fresh air to breathe, showing the best results when they are worn,
  • Pearls can be damaged if they come into direct contact with chemicals. Pearls tend to lose their charm with dullness because of chemicals. Therefore, it is helpful if you keep your pearls away from the chemicals that you use on your day to day basis, such as lotions, deodorants, perfumes, sprays, etc. if you want the shine on your pearls to last longer.
  • Also keep your pearls away from water substance that contains chlorine, such as in swimming pool, while washing dishes, etc. Remove them while exercising to keep safe from perspiration.
  • To clean your pearls, take a soft clean cloth and dampened it with warm water and gently wipe up the pearl. Never use any chemical substance like soap or sprays to clean your pearl as chemical reactions can damage your pearl.

It is not very tough to store your pearls or maintain them beautiful even after years as they were while you bought it. All you need to do is pay a little attention while you’re wearing it and where you store it.

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