Everything that you need to know about MPEG


MPEG is one of the most important file format used for a lot of different activities. Here is all that you need to know about it. Following are the points that you must know if you are going to use MPEG ever in your life for any of your work.

  • People prefer MPEG more than any file format of this type because it has some really cool features. The best part about this file format is that it could be used to do live video streaming on the internet. This one property is not available in most of the file formats of this type and this property alone makes it different and superior from the other file formats of this type.
  • The compression techniques that are used by this file format are very sophisticated. The main format for compression is the asymmetrical method which is known as e best among all. Along with that, the audio and video quality of this file format are far better, if compared from any other file format. It could be operated from a lot of small and cheap decoders. So, we could say that this is a very easy format to use.
  • Another good thing about this format is that it is supported by all the popular browsers that are there. As we mentioned in the beginning only that this is the perfect file format for live streaming, so good browsers are a necessity for this particular process. You can check MPEG player for MacBook.
  • There are different standards of this particular file format. All of them are used for different purposes. Let us discuss them one by one.
  1. MPEG1- It is used to provide the video resolution of 352 BY 240 at the rate of 30 frames per second. The quality of the videos that are produced after the use of this standard is low than the normal and conventional video used on VCR.
  2. MPEG2- this standard offers the resolution of 720×480 and 1280×720 at the rate of 60 frames per second. The video produced from this type of resolution is good for watching on TV and is of the standard quality that is preferred the most. Another good thing about this format or standard of MPEG is that it could convert the long videos into a few gigabytes only.
  3. MPEG3- this standard was designed for use in HDTV but is banned now and MPEG2 is used for that.
  4. MPEG4- it is used mainly for transmissions of videos and images on a bandwidth that is narrow in size. It could mix text with graphics and 2D, 3D animation layers.
  5. MPEG7- this is made to be used for general purposes and not one application is targeted.
  6. MPEG21- it describes the content of the video along with the processes of searching, storing and protecting the copyright of the content.

So, this was all that a person needs to know about MPEG. The detailed description that is mentioned above could help the readers in getting the exact idea of what MPEG exactly is.


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