Dance festivals are short-term events that include a wide variety of activities related to dancing, such as watching performances by world-class artists and participating in fun workshops that are open to all levels.  Several festivals have become famous around the world due to their list of legendary artists and the overwhelming support of fans who come to participate in dance styles ranging from ballet to tango.


The International Ballet Festival of Havana in Havana, Cuba is one of the oldest and most prestigious dance festivals in the world.  Established in 1960 to showcase the talent of the country’s dancers, this biannual festival lasts approximately two weeks, with performances by the best ballet companies in Cuba as well as world-renowned groups such as the New York City Ballet, the American Ballet Theatre, and the London Royal Ballet.  The variety of theatrical performances include classics such as “The Sleeping Beauty,” “Giselle,” and “Swan Lake” as well as several world premieres.  Some extra activities include special workshops on ballet technique for professionals, teachers, and advanced-level students.  The three most important places where the festival takes place are the Gran Teatro de La Habana, the Mella Theater, and the Karl Marx Theater.


The Salsafestival in Zurich, Switzerland is an annual international event that takes place the last weekend of February.  It is one of the most important and recognized salsa events in the world and offers daily performances by many legendary international artists from Europe, North America, and Asia, as well as a variety of workshops the last weekend of the festival for all styles and levels.  Popular salsa parties take place every night until 4 a.m., and the place can accommodate more than 3,000 dancers on six different dance floors.  It is recommended to buy tickets in advance, since they usually sell out.

Modern Dance

The American Dance Festival is a six-week modern dance event held each summer at Duke University in Durham, North Carolina.  Founded as the Bennington Festival in 1934, it has become synonymous with the world of modern dance, and its leaders have included internationally recognized dancers such as Martha Graham, Hanya Holm, and Charles Weidman.  Nowadays, the festival offers a wide variety of main theatrical performances and world premieres of international modern dance groups and dance tours, as well as workshops for dance professionals, choreographers, and young dancers (from 12 to 16 years old).  All of the performances take place at the Reynolds Industries Theater on the West Campus of Duke University and the Durham Performing Arts Center (DPAC) in the center of Durham.


The Buenos Aires Tango Festival is an annual event that is held during the last two weeks of May in various parts of Buenos Aires, Argentina.  In addition to the daily performances by invited international dancers and tango orchestras, it offers dance classes and seminars to the public for beginner and advanced levels, as well as historical conferences, films, and book presentations.  The festival also includes the World Dance Championship, which is open to both professional and amateur dancers in two categories: Salon Tango and Stage Tango, with a first-place prize of 15,000 Argentine pesos (approximately $2,800 American dollars).  The festival culminates in the Grand Closing Milonga, where they announce the winners of the contest that includes an outdoor dance with music by the festival orchestra.


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