Fundraiser Idea: A Fundraising Consultant


As our economy becomes more and more capital dominated with basic services like education and healthcare institutions expected to provide for themselves, fundraising has been on the rise.

The recession that hit the global economy in 2008 has resulted in a lot of countries spending less and less on important policies. In India too, many non profits and institutions have taken to supporting themselves through fundraising in order to keep themselves going.

This has resulted in a growth in fundraising sites and packages over the past few years. We now have fundraisers for everything from medical care to funding your own business. Fundraising as it stands now is of four major kinds – donations based fundraising, rewards based fundraising, equity crowdfunding and debt based crowdfunding.

All of these four have specific requirements and operate in specific ways. As more and more people get to crowdfunding, knowledge of how to make a fundraiser successful becomes more valuable. On this basis, it is safe to say that fundraising consultants should be in demand in the market.

A fundraising consultant would provide information on the best crowdfunding methods available, possible techniques, detailed information on websites and so on. Moreover, between websites and consultants, consultants could become reference points therefore wielding considerable power in the marketplace.

What is a good way to raise investment for a fundraising consultant than a fundraiser? A successful campaign for a consultant can become a reference point for other fundraisers. Fundraising in India is dominated by knowledge of experience.

Professionalizing this knowledge can be good for the culture of fundraising and provide guidance to how crowdfunding sites in India work. The fundraiser for the consultancy could also become the first fundraiser it works on thereby giving it experience in working with fundraisers.

There are various ways in which this can be pulled off. One of the important ways is through raising money through investment. This can be done by writing a crowdfunding pitch. A crowdfunding pitch is supposed to be written in pithy, clear language. It has to be accompanied by images and videos in order to make the experience of the investor better. The video should summarize everything the text says. Moreover, marketing has to be aggressively done. This will bring the campaign to notice.

A great way of planning through an effective crowdfunding campaign is by forming a team. A team can help you carry out the day to day chores of the campaign. Moreover, a team can also brainstorm and come up with new ideas.

Here are a few ways in which to promote your campaign:

  1. Write about the campaign on social media explaining your idea clearly.
  2. Make sure that all the people you know who are likely to invest know about your project.
  3. Remember this is a fundraising investment drive. This means that you are looking for small investors as well as big. Do not ignore the small investors. Message and talk to people who are likely to invest small amounts of money.
  4. Have a plan of action ready to show your investors. This creates confidence in you.
  5. Make sure you put your best foot forward. You should make sure that your investors know about previous work experience that you have had. If you have headed other fundraising projects, highlight that. It is important for your investors to know what they are putting money into.

Fundraising through equity crowdfunding is one of the best ways to raise money for your business venture. However, remember that in India SEBI has put a hold on equity crowdfunding. Therefore, here you will have to come up with other methods of raising money online.

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