Getting Hit by Someone with No Insurance


You leave your house happy and, on your way to work, you get in your car and start driving. The light turns green and you proceed as normal, then suddenly look over to your right and see a speeding car driving straight towards you going 80 mph in a 40mph intersection. From there, in only a few second you lose everything. The damage is so severe that you are not able to ever walk again. It’s devastating with what can happen to someone who is completely innocent, simply carrying on with their day and have to face something so traumatizing. Car accidents can happen to anyone and can happen anytime and any day. According to ASIRT, on average in the United States, there are over 1.3 million people who lose their life in car accidents every year. In addition, there are also more than 20 million people who end up severely injured that they become permanently disabled. What is worse is when someone hits you with no insurance to cover your losses. When you are hit with someone with no insurance, it is critical that you have a lawyer to help you recover your losses. 

When you are in a car accident, money is the last thing you are thinking about. You have already most likely lost your car due to total losses, lost your job because you could be severely injured that you are in no shape to work anymore, and or even losing your quality of life because your physical nature has been impaired. According to Disabled World, a study that was done showed that 62 percent of people stated that after being in a car accident, they still had neck and back pain after a some time has passed following a car accident they had been in. The whiplash that is experienced in a car accident has been known to cause severe injuries to the neck and spine, which could cause lasting effects. Because of the physical pain that you may endure during an accident, you may no longer be able to work anymore. Because of this incident, the person responsible for the accident should be held liable. The problem is, what do you do if they have no coverage for you? 

Many drivers in the United States drive without have car insurance. Many people drive with no car insurance and not even a driver’s license, so they shouldn’t even be driving at all. You will experience a big problem trying to recover losses without a proper lawyer. In order to get your life back together and restore order, you will need to hold someone responsible and they will have to pay you back for what they have taken from you. Many times, this may be difficult without legal help. Make sure you take the time to contact professional legal help by searching the web for: From here, you should be able to find one of the best law firms around that has years of experience in fighting car accident claims. 

Overall, going through a car accident and having to repair your life again can be traumatizing. You want to make sure that you have all the support you need to get through it all. Getting your life back to normal is the best thing when having faced so much trauma and the best way to do that is to have a legal representative guide you through it all.

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