How a Christian Education Can Prepare Children for a Complex World

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Children today are constantly plugged in. Their electronic devices deliver thousands of messages to them every day about what to wear, who to hang out with and the secular view of what’s acceptable and good. Very little, if any, of the content your kids are exposed to represents the core values of the Christian faith. Eventually, they will turn to someone or something for guidance to make sense of a chaotic world. The best private schools in GA provide a Christian education that helps your children wade through this storm of misinformation and find the truth of God’s love.

A Christian Worldview Helps Kids Cope

Your worldview defines how you perceive the events that take place around you. Someone with a biblical worldview believes the basic tenet of any human life should be to love God and reflect his goodness in deed and word. This contrasts with a secular, or non-Christian, worldview. Left to our own devices, we make decisions for selfish reasons. For example, a toddler thinks he is the center of the universe, nothing and nobody else matters until his every whim is fulfilled. Conversely, a Christian education shows children how everyone is important to building a better world, and that, sometimes, we have to put other people’s needs first.

A child’s personal worldview is the driving force behind each thought, emotion and action. Therefore, it impacts every area of life and study, including science, art and politics. Our personal beliefs impact how we treat each other, whether we are paying attention to those around us in crisis and how we elect our leaders. The best private schools in GA utilize a Christian education to show children how, through God’s love and mercy, they can begin to make changes in their own lives and the wider community. It also provides a shield against messages and actions that contradict their core values.

How Christian Private Schools Differ from Public Schools

Even if your neighborhood has a great public school, educators there are prevented by law and tradition from reinforcing Christian values. This creates a gap between what your kids hear at school and what you teach them at home. Alternatively, the best private schools in GA hire Christian educators who share your values. So, instead of debriefing your kids at the end of every school day, you can concentrate on quality family time.

While in school, your child is encouraged to build friendships based on common Christian goals. They have an opportunity to pray, study the Bible and openly worship with their peers. The faculty care about your child’s physical, emotional and spiritual well-being and discipline is also based on biblical principles. When students need additional counseling, they are taught to work through difficulties based on an understanding of God’s love and regard for them as individuals.

With all the upheaval in politics and the shaky morals of some of today’s leaders and influencers, children need a solid moral code to lean on in times of confusion. Private Christian school can help them build that.

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