How cheating happens in online poker


Online is considered one of the safest ways to play poker. However, the gambling industry is full of fraudsters who are out to take advantage of the loopholes and bend a few rules for some selfish monetary gains.

Follow through and see how this happens.

Through multi-accounting

A player can have several real money accounts with a single poker room. This is not allowed in online poker rooms this they do to take advantage of the poker first bonus offerings. Thus, when someone opens multiple accounts, they could earn more through bonus fraud. This problem is a preserve for the poker room and doesn’t affect other players. These fraudsters could use their multiple accounts to play the same game at the cash poker table or even in a tournament. Here, the player with more than one account has access to four holes as opposed to the ordinary two. With tournaments like SNGs, the guy has two lives in a tournament. This is a pure case of fraud and when a player is caught, they are suspended and the bankroll account retained.

Poker Bots

These are computer-based programs used to play poker online. Polaris, a product of the University of Alberta Canada is one of the most popular bots. Poker bots are used mostly when playing lower limits where the level of playing is bad and it’s easy to beat the opponents. The push or fold mechanism can be programmed and therefore with this program, it’s a definite win against any opponent.

The poker bot is not human and therefore not subject to emotions leading to tilt and the urge for revenge. This makes it better placed to win over human opponents. Despite the fact that poker rooms have no direct financial interests, the confidence in the room fades when these are caught because they ultimately come to the public.

To keep of poker bots, rooms have designed programs that can detect and these are not in public domain for obvious reasons. However, some mechanisms like examining whether there are programs running in the background, taking screenshots and such are used to detect the presence of such.


This is where one poker player gives relevant information and therefore giving them an upper hand to winning the game. While playing online, Skype and team viewer are popular platforms here; these are used in transmitting live pictures and screenshots, thus difficult situations can be easily solved by discussing with their other player.

The list of online poker cheats is endless, however, as a player; the most critical thing is to ensure that you participate in bonafide games and tournaments. When you identify a misnomer while playing, raise the alarm and where necessary quit.

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