How do the people get addicted to online gambling?


The addiction of gambling is a kind of disorder that is quite problematic. It causes changes in the behaviour and this leads to significant issues and distress. The main problem with this addiction is that you become so impulsive that you cannot control the urge. You may know that it has negative results but then too it becomes difficult to leave the addiction.

Problems face due to addiction

If the online gambling addiction is remain untreated, and then it will definitely have serious effects on the person. It affects the person financially to as he or she invests a lot on gambling games. The social status and the relationships also get crumpled as well as other aspects of life. What happens when one is addicted?

  • It is found that majority men are addicted with gambling and the number of women is less. This is basically associated with the pleasure centre of the brain. What happens is that once you are addicted, and then the brain releases endorphins and urges the brain to repeat the activity.
  • The person may get addicted to gambling when he is in some financial problem. He feels that the problem can be solved only if one gambles. This in turn leads to gambling addiction. It is like a cycle when the person tries to win back the losses.
  • The addicted person can be treated if he is taken to a rehabilitation centre. They can be cured by solving the addictive impulses. Once the person realises that he has to come out of the addiction, he will be cured.

The addiction is so bad that it affects a person’s personal, social, educational as well as occupational functioning. Sometime you have to apply force to the addicted person to treat him out of this dangerous habit.

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