How E-Cigarettes Came About


The invention of e-cigarettes is attributed to Chinese pharmacist Hon Lik in 2003. The concept of vaping was not entirely his invention, since it had been a method of consuming tobacco and other inhalants before. However, he is the one who put it in cigarette form. Lik believed that this was a safe way of consuming tobacco, after his own father had died of lung cancer. Today it has however been discovered that Lik’s invention is not that safe either. Moreover, it is just as addictive as ordinary cigarette smoking including the list of e cigarette brands eg E-cigarette Club. This makes it just as dangerous. Here is the chronology of the stages of development of the cigarettes.

Introduction to the Market

After he had invented the e-cigarette, Lik started mass marketing it in 2004. The company that employed him, Golden Dragon Holdings, was instrumental in this mass marketing drive. The company later changed its name to Ruyan, which means resembling smoke, to reflect this new product. The product gained popularity in the Chinese and wider Asian market as an alternative to cigarettes.

Internet Marketing

To access the wider international market, the company resorted to an aggressive internet marketing campaign. This made the product to be noticed in the European and American markets. It also made its way to other parts of the world through this platform. In addition, large volumes were sold via internet, making the product appealing to merchants around the globe.

Entry into the American Market

Though e-cigarettes first penetrated the American market through the internet, local companies soon got into the act. By 2007 Lorillard, Altria, Reynolds and BAT were among the corporate giants who went into the production and sale of the new product. They sold large volumes of it, thus increasing its consumption in America and around the world.

E-Cigarettes in Australia

It is illegal to supply or sell the e-cigarette in Australia. In other words, the law in the country does not allow you to open shop and start selling the product. Yet, there is still a healthy supply of the product in the country. This is because there is a leeway in the law that allows a person to import a three months’ supply of the cigarettes for personal use. The only way to use the product in the country is thus to make your own direct order, delivered to your personal address. In states like Victoria, you cannot make that order if the product has nicotine in it. Briefly, it is not easy to get an e-cigarette in Australia.

The E-Cigarette is here to Stay

Since its invention in China in 2003, the e-cigarette has been and will always be here. It was meant to be a safer version of tobacco smoking, but the jury is still out on that one. It spread across the world through internet marketing. The idea was soon taken up by large conglomerates in American, which have been marketing it aggressively across the world. Australian authorities don’t trust it and it is thus illegal in the country. However, leeway in the law allows for individuals to import their own personal supplies.

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