How to Buy El Gordo Lottery Tickets Online With Lottosend


Are you tired of being scammed every time you set your foot on playing online lottery games? Well, you are not alone, but myriads of people get conned of their hard earned cash when they transit from participating in jackpots from their local retail to the net. However, your ordeal does not mean that all the platforms promising players genuine lottery games are fake. However, with the advancement in technology enabling folks to play lottery games online, the shady sites also infiltrated the net. There are very many legit online platforms that will allow one to participate in online gaming, such as Lottosend. In fact today, gamers are attracted to the site more and more than it used to be a decade ago, for the goodies that it offers, not to mention the attractive bonuses.

What Is Lottosend?

This is an international lottery ticket agent that offers up to 10 of the world’s high rewarding lottery games. Games offered in this ticket purchase agency comprise of Play SuperEnalotto, Play Saturday Lotto, Play Mega Millions, Play BonoLoto, Play EuroJackpot, Play Powerball, Play SuperLotto Plus, Play EuroMillions, Play Oz Lotto, Play El Gordo, Play Monday Lotto, Play Wednesday Lotto, and Play Australia Powerball. On top, the website services are offered in ten languages including Russian, Hungarian, Bulgarian, Italian, Finnish, French, Romanian, Dutch, and German. It uses three currencies that are accepted worldwide, which are the Dollar, the Pound Sterling, and the Euro.

The site allows its users to play the fore mentioned lotteries right from their desktops and mobile phones, and when they win, the platform never deducts a dime from their winnings as commission. In fact, all the winnings are sent to the individual winner’s accounts in full.

Is Lottosend A scam?

NO! The site is not a scam as it offers honest services and has physical offices in many countries throughout the world. It has robust chat support, and when a user buys their ticket, they go a notch further and purchase it on their behalf then upload it on the user’s account as a scan, for them to view. EU-Logistik-Transport runs Lottosend. Their headquarters are based in Slovakia where their customer support team and sales get conducted. Its address is Oslobidtelov 516, 08204, Drienov.

The website’s central office is in the Exchange Plus Investment & Consulting office which is located at 34 Calle 42, Panama. And yes the site contains a section on its homepage where they display the names of all their recent winners as well as the games that they participated in so that if the winner missed a winning email notification, they could browse the website’s homepage view and claim the prize.

Though one can play anytime they want, the company has working hours within which a troubled user can contact them through their Live Chat, or phone. Users from the UK can reach Lottosend via phone on, +44-203-026-0220, Australia on, +61-288-805-606 and Russia, +7-499-609-2799. You would know a crafty company from their customer support agents, but with this site, you are sure to receive the best customer support experience since the team is experienced and will respond to your questions or comments professionally.

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The Site’s User Experience

The site recently got a facelift which significantly enhanced the user experience; its now of pure nature and one can navigate through it quickly. The sites links and all the pages are easy to locate and browse. All these are found on the top menu. On the homepage, you will find all the active games that are about to draw in less than 24 hours. Here, on the Homepage, the user also sees results for each game. The site can also be viewed on small gadget screens like phones as the site is responsive. The site’s main menu does collapse into a context menu where every object enlarges to fit the thumbs.

How To Purchase A Ticket on Lottosend

Lottosend has seen a vast number of users subscribing to their services by the day to take part in lottery games and special promotions. However before one does this, they first have to register using their email address and password to secure a Lottosend account.   You can register by heading to the Sign-Up button located on the homepage’s top-right corner. Clicking this button will produce a form asking you to input various details like your name, email address, date of birth, cell number, password and your country of residence.

Purchasing El Gordo Lottery Ticket

In full this lottery game is known as El Gordo de la Primitiva, some also call it Sunday’s Lottery. The lottery game was established in Spain and has an amazing jackpot record of 33 million Euros, and the lowest ever recorded Sunday’s Lottery’s jackpot is 5 million Euros. This reveals why not only the Spaniard but people from all over the world want to participate in this mega lottery – Its attractive rewards. Another reason why many players want to take part in the lottery game is that of the ‘Reintegro’ prize option. This option will increase secondary wins and is ideal if you want to clinch the El Gordo jackpot. The lottery draws take place once a week, every Sunday at 9.32 PM in Spain. This equates to 6:30 AM AUS, 10:30 PM PST, 8:30 PM GMT, and 1:30 PM EST

To purchase El Gordo and other games, you first need to deposit funds into your account. You can do this either through the website’s online balance or choose your preferred payment method that is accepted by the website. One can run out of option since the site accepts a myriad of payment options such as Skrill, Neteller, JCB, Instant EFT, MasterCard, Visa, and Bank Transfer. For the case of bank transfers, players are advised first to contact the website’s customer care agents to arrange for the transaction.

The site has a cart which players can make one or multiple lottery ticket purchases then use one checkout to complete the payment. Players then can either pick the numbers themselves or choose the Quick Pick option to select random lucky numbers automatically. The ticket is bought on behalf of the player then scanned-uploaded on the users account until when the draws are announced. Winners get their prizes or money, below $600 deposited into their accounts immediately. However, Lottosend organizes for its VIP team to call the lucky jackpot winner and facilitate how they will get their prize in style.

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