How to Figure Out and Avoid Fake Mold Remediation Companies

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The issue of mold growth is a serious one. It poses health dangers to everyone close by that if left unchecked for a long time could develop into something serious. This is part of the reason why getting professional mold remediation services Trenton New Jersey. However, there are a lot of mold remediation services who not only treat this situation with levity by rendering mediocre services but also use the threat of mold infestation as a scam to extort money from naïve and unsuspecting homeowners. These scams have been known to make homeowners lose huge sums of money and in extreme case lose their homes itself. No one should fall prey to such scam, it just isn’t right and here are some ways to quickly identify these phony mold remediation companies that are just out to get your money.

  • Free Mold Testing: As stated earlier, mold remediation is an expensive service not just to you but to those who render the services. As such, professional mold remediation services Trenton New Jersey wouldn’t offer to carry out a mold testing for free. Indeed, most times these companies outsource the mold testing jobs to external testing laboratories or a Certified Industrial Hygienist (CIH). These external agents have to get paid, and thus you too should pay. The phony companies, on the other hand, only use that as a lure to get you to spend a huge sum of money by overstating the level of mold growth in your home and the level of danger it leaves you exposed to. Basically, they prey on the fears of the homeowner.
  • Offering a Package that Includes Mold Testing and Remediation: While some legit companies really do offer mold testing and remediation service, the process itself is later outsourced to competent agencies. Many phony companies, however, use this as a means to fabricate mold testing result that can be totally untrue and still offer to help the homeowner get rid of a mold that might not even exist in the first place. This is why it is best always to have your home tested for mold by hiring an independent mold testing agency or a CHI.
  • Free Test of Air Quality: After the remediation company completes its job, the homeowner is meant to carry out a final air quality clearance test. This is to ascertain the success of the mold remediation process. These tests cost a considerate sum of money, and if the remediation company offers to carry it out for free, then it isn’t right for two reasons. First, it costs money, and as much as you’d like to think that these companies exist mainly to help you live healthily, their first objective is making a profit. Secondly, it could be counterproductive to have a company test out the quality of its own It just might be hard to find a problem, and if there is, it might be harder still to point it out.

So make sure you avoid these pitfalls and not fall prey to the various mold remediation extortion scheme that rather seems to be rampant nowadays.

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