How To Get Free Transparent Images For Your Designs?


Are you in search of transparent images to apply to your artwork or design? Are you having a hard time finding the ones with quality that match your taste? Do not worry, you have just stumbled upon the solution to your problem, visit today to achieve your design desires and get the kind of transparent images you require. is a website that serves as a free PNG image library containing up to 1,774,330 transparent images that are offered free for download. It is designed to assist all web and graphic designers gain access to transparent images with good quality that will enable them to achieve and produce engaging designs for use. All the transparent images found here have unlimited downloads capacity and these images can be for both personal and non-commercial projects that may arise in our various design works. With, all you need to do is visit the page, search and find the transparent images you are looking for and download them. You can also share these transparent images at your convenient time and how you prefer it.

Getting transparent images online has never been much easier a few years ago than the way it is now. there are a lot of different websites on the net today, offering different categories of transparent images but I quote this to you, that not all are reliable and have quality like the transparent images which you get from turn out to be. With over one million plus transparent images available on this website, be rest assured that your choice of image will be found if you search properly. Do not be worried about the stress of going through over a million images because we have carefully arranged and separated different images into different categories which they fall under. So all you need to do is go into the category of your choice, and select whatever you prefer among them, it is that simple. Just bear in mind that on, you have travelled to a different planet in space full of transparent images to work within your designs.

Benefits of using

As a designer, you get to benefit a lot from working with us. You will be amazed of the designed work you will get when you complete a project using our transparent images which we provide. You will get to benefit the following from working with us;

  • Using our images saves you a lot of time and you will be able to complete projects in a short period of time.
  • You get to enjoy high quality and HD transparent images.
  • You will gain access to a wide range of transparent images adding up to a sum of over a million images. You are looking at the biggest transparent image database on the internet.
  • All the transparent images found on Pnglot are available for unlimited downloads.
  • No registration is required for you to gain access to the images. No email or social media account.
  • You can share images with your friends on any social media platform of your choice.
  • Up to 50,000+ categories to help you browse all the transparent images. Just select the category of your choice.
  • Image searching is made easy due to the optimized image search algorithm available on the website.

There is also room for improvement from us, if you are not pleased with your search you can contact us and we will be happy to intervene in the matter and provide assistance to you to ensure that your needs from us are being satisfied. This community is so unique and vibrant; every genre of image you get is totally free without charges of any kind attached to them.


If you are a graphic designer and you are not working with, you are missing a lot. This site will enable you achieve your dreams in design; you will fall in love with the beauty of transparent images and achieve creative projects a whole lot faster. Visit to see for yourself and stop your search for transparent images whenever you require on for a design project.

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