How to learn Driving even if you don’t have a Car?


In this generation, around one third of teens cross their teenage and then apply for driving license. People these days are making less license anyway. Many are learning to drive when they are adult because it isn’t easy to borrow dad or mom’s car. It’s also getting too hard to find time in between home works and assignments for going to high-school driving classes.

Many people don’t want to own a car, some even can’t afford it, so they hire cabs on weekends or for their shopping occasionally.

Rules to Acquire a License

Every state in the US has a different process in acquiring a driving license. You can find information about your state in DOT’s or DMV websites. Also, a lot of information is given at

Almost all states need the first-time applier to get a learner’s license before you apply for a driving license. It takes around six to seven months after you are handed a learner’s license to get a driving license. You will get your learner’s license from the website of DMV or DOT and then take a written test. You should study driver handbook and check as many as preparation tests you can from the government website. Most of the questions of your written test are made from the prep tests.

Enroll yourself to Driving School

As soon as you acquired the permit, you need to practice. If you have never driven before or you are not confident enough, you should go and enroll to a professional instructor at a driving school. Their cars are safe, having two brake pedals, one your side and another below the instructor. They will give you better Driving Lessons than any of your parents, relatives, neighbors, or friends. They will help you prepare for your driving test and driving tactics and strategies to use in different situations. If you are not confident enough, tell them, they will help you out. The instructor will also know where the exam will be conducted, and you will come out with flying colors from the driving test. Moreover, what you learn from the instructor that would come handy to you till you have your last drive in life.

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