How to lose weight without losing breast size?


Reducing weight without changing your breast size is quite challenging. From an anatomical perspective, the breast is highly composed of fat. This makes them vulnerable to reduce when you lose weight. However, by taking the right approach, you can at least keep your breast perky and lifted. This involves dietary improvements and the right routine.

Basically, you face this problem because the breast is primarily made of fat and when you reduce your extra fat of one’s whole body, you reduce some size the breast as well. But this is no reason to worry; here we will discuss the best ways which can help you lose weight without losing your breast size.

  1. Concentrate on your chest muscles:

Pectoral muscles connect your chest with shoulders and breast. Breasts are on top of the pectoral muscles. Strengthening pectoral muscles can help you in getting beautifully shaped breast so that you can maintain breast size.

  1. Avoid aerobic training:

If you are doing cardio consistently, you can reduce both fat and muscles from your breast. For perfect breast size, you must focus more on strength training which can be useful for building chest muscles.

  1. Try heavy weight dumbbells:

Strength training by using light weights, will not give you the results you want. So, stop using 2 or 3kgs weight loads. Use heavier weights under expert guidance. It will help you maintain breast size as well.

Look out the benefits

One of the best things you can do for your health is to have a healthy weight for your age and body frame. Repeated weight gain followed by crash diets can put a lot of stress on your whole body and result in the floppy breast as the skin surrounding the breast loses its flexibility. Eat a sensible diet and regular work out. The advantages include more energy, an improved attitude, a more pleasing sex drive and a well-balanced figure.

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