How to Recover Data from an External Drive in Raid


“I deleted all old contents from my external Seagate hard drive out of the blue, and I urgently must have to recover those contents. Any good suggestions for HDD repair?”

As the world’s largest supplier of storage devices, Seagate is dedicated to the production of high-quality external hard disks for businesses and ordinary users which make many users prefer this brand. On the other hand, users of Seagate hard drives are also not free to lose their data due to disastrous situations caused by common or unknown reasons.

How to perform a data recovery on external hard disk

The contents that you think are forever gone away when they are deleted or formatted are in fact still stored on the disk. What happens is that the storage space they occupied was free and noted as “available for reuse”, and the deleted files are invisible. Using data recovery software on the professional and specialized Seagate disks, you can easily recover all your files. Once you encounter this situation, you should immediately stop transferring new data to your disk; otherwise the lost files will be replaced.

To successfully recover your lost data from your Seagate hard drive, we are pleased to introduce you to Pandora Recovery for Windows users, so Mac users should use the UndeleteMyFiles Pro. It does not matter if your files have disappeared because of virus attacks, deletion, corruption, formatting or other various reasons, if the disk is not damaged physically, these programs helps you to recover all the files easily and quickly.

Download the free versions of above tools to perform data recovery on your HD, in paid version you can find extra features.

If there are severe damages to one or more disks in Raid then the Raid repair service is very beneficial on individual and also on corporate level.


  • Before recovering your data from Seagate external HD, you can do use search window on the right to search your important files by name to see which files can be scanned. This saves you a big
  • When recovering files, please save the files to the hard drive of your computer or to a different external HD other than the Seagate HD where you have lost your files. This method aims to ensure the complete security of your data and prevent it from eventually replacing lost files still on the disk.

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