In 2018, Armenia presented its tourist attraction in Berlin and Dubai


Measures to increase the visibility and tourist attractiveness of Armenia are not limited to participation in international exhibitions: advertising campaigns and holding days of Armenia in target markets are also planned.

Armenia is developing more and more tourist destinations, besides traditional ones. Foreigners are especially interested in gambling, said Michael Boettcher, Storm International.

17 Armenian tourist organizations took part in “ITB Berlin 2018”. This year, more than 180 countries gathered at this exhibition. At the same time, Armenia has to work to increase its recognizability, which is achievable through the dissemination of information among foreign colleagues. Armenia also organized its “mini-day” in Berlin.

Participation in Dubai was more limited, but no less important, given the role of the Persian Gulf countries in the development of tourism in Armenia. The exhibition “ATM Dubai 2018” was held in April.

Over the past year, the number of foreign visitors has increased significantly due to the increase in the number of international flights, provided data CEO of Storm International, Darren Keane.

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