Is An Online MBA Degree Better Than A Traditional Classroom MBA?


The limiting conditions of going to a traditional class on campus are non-existent for online learners. You can be working on your current job, still be able to spend time with your family and friends, attending to your everyday responsibilities and at the end of the day still be able to earn your master’s degree. Online MBA program is available 24 hours a day and if the best time with your busy schedule is after your babies are sleeping in bed, you can still sit down and go through a few of the sources.

There are some concerning misconception that other employees will not respect you because of your online MBA. It is very obvious that online MBA programs are better suited for time management but one might still have that doubt about what the other employees will think of my online MBA degree from Southern New Hampshire University.

An MBA degree can be very helpful in your business career. According to a survey conducted by the Graduate Management Admission Council, 93 percent of the graduates got the job they wanted and another 86 percent of MBA graduates did get employment after they graduated, this shows a very good turn over for students who undertake an MBA program.

Times are changing and the acceptance of online degree programs is won the rise. The traditional classroom on campus is becoming time-consuming and costly to a student. According to Parthenon Group, which is responsible for providing management consulting services to global CEOs and business leaders, say that most human resources departments do not really care about the difference between an online program and a traditional one.

Half of the employers surveyed by Online Journal of Distance Learning Administration say that the format in which the degree was earned would not be significant while making the decision to hire or promote a job candidate. There is a fast rate of employer acceptance of online degrees. This has been enhanced by the fact that there are graduates in the job market. It is proof that they are well prepared to succeed in a business profession.

Advantages Of Online MBA Degree Program

Southern New Hampshire University online degree programs improve student creativity. Online students are inclined to be creative thinkers because they need to be organized and exercise critical thinking. Based on student’s feedback, according to the Journal of Online Learning and teaching, it shows creativity is a key competence.

Learning online helps one become disciplined and an independent thinker. You will find these are some of the skills that employers are looking for. This is because instead of relying on constant supervision from a traditional class, an online MBA degree program requires one to manage time effectively.

The pace at which you undertake your online MBA degree program is partially determined by you. A person who is much experienced will be able to work at a much quicker pace than inexperienced students.

Are You Ready For An Online MBA Degree Program?

An online MBA program makes sense to do as you can complete it from where and when is convenient to you, however, once you decide to take the course, take it seriously that it needs as much time and dedication as an on-campus program.

  • You should be able to work well independently.
  • Be able to organize your schedule and fit the last two hours of the day for studying.
  • Be ready to learn things on your own.
  • Need to have knowledge of the internet and have access to a computer.

An online MBA program can take you 15 months to finish. It is a comprehensive program and provides one with the knowledge and skills needed to become an effective manager. Choose an independent university to do your online MBA and emphasis on entrepreneurship. It provides critical foundation knowledge of management principles and practices. This will prepare you for new business or foster new initiatives within an institution.

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