Is Male Enhancement an Option for Aged Men?


It’s not uncommon for aged men to be concerned about the size of their penis but fortunately, there are solutions if this is an issue that’s affecting your self-confidence.

The problem is that not all of these options are effective, let alone safe. Let’s start by looking at penis size in general.

Penis Size: What’s Considered Normal?

The sad reality is that most men really do have a normal size penis but society has created a lot of anxiety using unrealistic imagery and claims.

The average erect penis is about 13cms in length, with the average girth being about 10 cms.

Male Enhancement Safety

If you’ve looked into male enhancement, you will know just how many pills, creams and supplements there are out there. Since these products are not regulated, they generally contain a lot of unknown and potentially harmful ingredients that could have the complete opposite effect.

Certain devices that stretch the penis or help you achieve a larger erection can also cause long-term damage if they’re used incorrectly.

Male Enhancement: Your Options

These are some of the options available to aged men looking to enhance the size of their penises.

Penis Extenders. To enhance the length of the penis, an extender places weight on the penis for several hours. Unfortunately, extenders don’t do much expect damage the penile tissue.

Vacuum Pumps. Designed to increase penis size while helping you maintain a stronger erection, vacuum pumps will only be able to provide temporary results and are not safe for long-term or consistent use.

Penis Fillers. Along with surgery, this is the only other option that will give you real results without damaging your penis. Fillers are injected into the shaft of the penis to increase its size and will eventually be reabsorbed by the body, which is when a top-up treatment will be required. The hyaluronic acid in dermal fillers is completely safe and can be dissolved if need be. Use these penis enhancement details & gallery for more information.

Traction. Traction devices are another option for men looking to add length to their penises but improper use can lead to permanent damage.

Weight Loss. In some cases, penis length is lost due to an increase in abdominal fat, an issue that can be rectified through exercise and dieting.

Surgery. Penoplasty, a procedure that involves cutting a ligament in the penis to increase length, is another effective enhancement option. Unfortunately, since this procedure is invasive, there is a risk of infection and altering penis function. It is also the most painful option and will require downtime.

Whatever option you decide on, be sure to have all of the facts before you go ahead. All too often, men rush into male enhancement without doing the proper research and are left with damage that can’t be reversed. If you will be consulting with a doctor about male enhancement, make sure that he is qualified and actually specialises in these types of procedures.

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