Learn to keep the spa lifters clean and spotless


Understanding a Hot Tub?

A hot tub is an enormous tub or small pool full of sparkling water that is used as Hydrotherapy, recreation and preference. Commonly known as Spa, these tub filters are commonly heated using electric or natural gas heater. They are enormously comforting and it defines relaxation at its best.

Caring for the Hot tub

It is a very relaxing proposition to use a hot tub as long as Spa knows to keep the filer clean. Hot tub filter care is not that difficult and can be done easily. Let see how:-

  • The spa needs to be turned off and the cartridge needs to be removed opening the filter cylinder.
  • A large nozzle hose needs to be used to remove the wreckages.
  • Soaking the cartridge for prolonged hours (6-8) in the TSP solution and clean it up.
  • Thereafter soaking it again for an hour in acid solution and clean it up
  • Let the filer dry and then reinstall for further use.

While these are the list of things to be done with the filer, let us see what the things that we cannot do to the filer in order to ensure it functions right.

  • Hot tub filter should not be cleaned in dishwasher.
  • The filters cannot be cleaned in a pressure washer.
  • Detergents used for laundry cannot be used to clean the filters.
  • A complete rinse is very important in order to make the filter chemical free

A hot tub cover lifter should be used always to make the tub move and clean. A regular and rigid care routine should be followed for the filter cleaning. Using a tub cover can be fun and definitely relaxing but we should always be very attentive at maintaining the same with utmost care.

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