Lower Hutt NZ: Things To Do


For anybody on a campervan hire new zealand trip that is passing through the Wellington area, you should definitely consider making a stop in Lower Hutt. This unique and vibrant town is located mere minutes from downtown Wellington and is the tenth largest city in New Zealand with a population of over 100,000. While many visitors tend to choose the better known Wellington as their base, Lower Hutt is far less crowded and still offers easy access to all that Wellington has to offer. Plus, Lower Hutt has its own fair share of amazing activities and sights to take advantage of. Should you decide to go with Lower Hutt for your stay, check out these top sights and things to do in the New Zealand jewel of a town.

Jackson Street

This is the main strip in Lower Hutt where you will be spending a lot of time during your stay. Here you will find a wide variety of restaurants serving up any food that you can think of. No matter if you’re looking for fine dining or street food, you can locate what you are looking for along Jackson Street. All it will take is a short stroll and you will come across an interesting establishment that will satisfy your food cravings. There is also a wide variety of shopping available here, with a wide number of local boutiques where you can find one-of-a-kind items. There are also cafes, bookstores, and other kinds of shops. You can easily spend many hours on Jackson Street, so make sure to head there right when you get into toen.

Bike The Coast

Lower Hutt is located along the coast, which makes for some of the most scenic bike riding to be had in the New Zealand region. In a country known for its terrific bike riding opportunities, this is really saying a lot. There are a number of tours in the area that offer guided rides. These are recommended since you will have the opportunity to learn about the region and be guided to scenic spots by a local expert. You can also rent a bike from one of the dozens of rental companies and set out on your own. With miles of gorgeous coastline at your disposal, you are definitely in for the ride of your life. So whether you’re renting a bike or bringing one along on your campervan hire new zealand journey, definitely take a coastal bike ride.

Eastern Bay Villages

Due to its coastal location, Lower Hutt puts you right in striking distance of several gorgeous and quant seaside towns that are well worth visiting. Two towns that are particularly recommended are Days Bay and Eastbourne. Both of these towns can be easily accessed by a scenic ferry ride that is an experience in itself. This coastal adventure will offer you amazing views and the opportunity to feel the ocean breeze on your face. The towns themselves are welcoming and beautiful, featuring a wide variety of restaurants, shops, and sights. Even just walking around these towns will be a great experience, and you will certainly be envious of the individuals who get to live here. Some of the finest and freshest seafood can be found in the restaurants lining the coast, much of which has been caught just that day. Make sure to stay to witness one of the fantastic sunsets that these towns are known for. This will be the perfect way to finish your day out in the coastal towns along the Eastern Bay.


One of the top benefits of Lower Hutt is the town’s access to Wellington. Right from your front door in Lower Hutt you will be only ten minutes from the heart of downtown Wellington and all the sights, activities, and hustle bustle this city is famous for. You can check out the public beaches, the shopping centers, and the variety of colorful neighborhoods. Wellington is known to be a laid back and welcoming place, not to mention gorgeous and green. On a sunny day you will wonder why you don’t live here as you wander amongst the parks and beaches and soak up the eclectic atmosphere.

Lower Hutt is the perfect gateway to all that the Wellington region has to offer, putting you right at striking distance to all this famous city has to offer. Featuring fewer crowds and more affordable accommodations, Lower Hutt also has a lot to be recommended for. From its terrific biking opportunities to its seafood and access to coastal towns, Lower Hutt is a thriving and vibrant town that is well worth checking out on its own. If you are heading out on a campervan hire new zealand journey and will be passing through the Wellington area, definitely consider making lower hut your base.


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