Of Vervain and Wolfsbane


In the era of vampires and werewolves, there existed the cultivation of two herbs namely vervain and wolfsbane. Legends read that vervain as an herb, was enemy to vampires as it would burn their skin and senses. Hence humans and werewolves used to wear them or plant them near their entrance doors to ward off evil from the household.

Wolfsbane on the other was an herb which was enemy to werewolves and would burn their skin and senses. But the sad part here is that vampires could never use it against their enemies.

Powerful vampires on the other hand were found to be immune to vervain, and could be killed through wooden stakes pierced across their heart. As also iron stakes pierced across their heart. Werewolves on the other hand could only be hurt or killed through sharp objects made out of silver.

Declaration of war

Also as research and journals state that a war like situation was built in order to captivate all vampires. They were then dragged beneath an old church to be burnt. This formed their tomb. And all of these were done with the help of warlocks and witches. All of these does seem like that of sherman’s march to the sea. There were a few vampires left out in the process, who eventually had to change their location and identity to survive.

Werewolves were not summoned back then. Neither was their help taken to destroy their enemies.

All that is known to mankind is that werewolves appear only on full moon nights. They howl to mark their existence and then vanish into the woods. Their bite can harm or murder vampires as per legends.

The moon curse and the sun curse

The moon curse binds the werewolves and the sun curse binds the vampires. And there did exist a translucent colored stone which bound both of these curses sealed by the witches and warlocks. This stone was also known as the moonstone due to its color.

However, vampires found out a way to walk in the sun during the day by wearing special rings made out of special gemstones.

Hence, the curse states that vampires may turn more powerful during the day like sonnet 18 with their energies. Their skin also may not sparkle which otherwise may give way their identity. The werewolves otherwise become active during the night with their energies at peak.


Werewolves and vampires were perceived to be immortals by drinking blood of animals or humans. To be immortal was the crave or desire of some humans which leaded some vampires to turn them into one just like the feeling of, ‘because I could not stop for death’. Little did they know that they themselves were to murder, kill and feed upon the blood of others.

Immortality does come with a price. It is not that easy as it seems. The fear of getting killed now and then remains constantly.

The temptation of being immortal may be glittering and attractive at first but after being a monster, it does not seem to be gold. The legend of vampires and werewolves has a lot to teach to the mankind. This seem like a work of fiction to some. But it also may seem like reality to others who tend to believe in it.

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