Planning Your Retirement: Things You Need To Consider With Your Retirement Adviser


Getting yourself a retirement adviser is probably a good decision for planning your future retirement. However, you should also ensure that you are getting quality and reliable service from them. To do so, you need to ask certain questions and also consider certain factors to know if you are getting the service that you deserve.

  1. Transparency And Honesty

Retirement advisers should be completely honest with you about their criteria. Ask them questions such as:

  • Do you get commissioned for your investments or your products?
  • Are you paid by the investment companies that you suggest?
  • Are there any additional or hidden costs?
  1. Adherence To Ethics

You should always take into account whether or not they comply with their work ethics. To do this, ask questions like:

  • Do you consider yourself to be fiduciary?
  • Have you ever faced any penalties against any unlawful or unethical actions?
  • How does your firm ensure compliance with ethics?

Your adviser should answer with a yes to the first question and should comply with the regulatory agencies in the state.

  1. Level Of Experience

The level of experience of a professional adviser is determined by the number of certificates and licenses that they have. Hence, you should ask what licenses, certificates or credentials they have.

  1. Structure Of Service


Some advisers will work with you by themselves, while some will work with a team. You should ask the necessary questions to ensure that you know about what their services would involve.

  • Do you provide additional benefits aside from the basic services?
  • Will you be working alone?
  • How often will you hold a review session?
  • How many experts do you have on your team?
  1. Their Investment Philosophy

An adviser’s investment philosophy reveals a lot about their quality of service. This will also help you understand their investment strategies. Ask questions like:

  • How do you plan on helping me get an annual return?
  • What is the motto behind your firm?
  • How do your strategies in your plans?

These should be answered simply. Take a note if they elaborate too much or use complicated words.

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