Popular Thai Dishes with Kids to Enjoy in Bangkok


Thai cuisine looks powerful with chili-fueled curries and salads, which is displayed on headlines and Instagram feeds. Fortunately, in Bangkok popular Thai dishes available widely on every restaurant menus are free from high spicy levels. ‘Mai phed’ means ‘Non-spicy’, which will save your small kid from hurting tongue and lips.

To be on the safe side join Bangkok food tours and allow your kids indulge in the popular Thai recipes.

Popular Thai dish suitable for kids available in Bangkok

Shrimp cakes

Looks like chicken nugget. It is filled with succulent shrimps and pawns then deep fired in crispy batter. Usually, it is served with dipping sweet plump sauce. Cut the shrimp cakes and allow steam out prior eating as they hold heat for some time.

Pad Thai

Classic noodle dish, which is cooked in smoking hot wok combine with onions, shrimp, beansprouts, tamarind paste, and tofu. It is then garnished with lime, sugar, spring onions, chili, and crushed peanuts.

Grilled chicken & sticky rice

You can find this comfort food everywhere from street stalls to extravagant restaurants. Chicken is grilled over coals, which gives the feel of barbeque flavor. Children happily enjoy chicken with sweet chili dip served with little glutinous rice.

Spring rolls

Children adore spring rolls. In Thailand, you will find two varieties – freshly rolled with deep fried or soft rice noodles. Other ingredients include beansprouts, shredded carrot, egg, chicken, leafy vegetables, and shrimp.

Mango & sticky rice

Kids can enjoy it as dessert or as lunchtime snack. Golden mango slices besides sticky rice crowned with fresh coconut cream. Sesame seed are sprinkled on top.

Rice porridge

Popular breakfast dish, especially for people suffering from upset stomach. It is simple, clean and nourishing. Rice is boiled in vegetable stock cube and shrimp or minced pork is added to it. It is then garnished with shallots, scallions, and coriander.

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