Questions Can Be Made Easily But Reliable Answer Is Required

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The masters would be asking many questions to answer for the tomorrow as homework of the students. At the same time, it is quite difficult for the students to guess the answer. The reason is the topic is presented in the book, but in the book questions would be different. Most of the students are just following the questions had in the book, but in practical they have to learn more to answer better for their homework. The purpose of the homework is how a student understood in the lesson. At the same time it is a cross check for the teachers how far they presented the lesson before the student. If the students are able to answer well, it is understood, both segments are working well.

That means the teacher presented the lesson well, same time the student understood the lesson very well, but for all the students, aleks answers are helping well. The lessons are understood clearly by the students, once they avail the answers from the famous tuition teachers. Actually, a tuition teacher is offering his service only to make the student to sharp, that means a student would be sharp or very sharp in the subject, and that student would be completing the exam very well.

The board exams are conducted in the educational institute without the base of the syllabus. Therefore, one student should have to expect the question even out of the syllabus. Therefore the student should have to sharpen his knowledge more and more only then he would be able to complete the higher studies without any difficulties. However, the teacher’s contribution is more when comparing the portion of the students in their studies. Because the students are studying only the well prepared answers the students are not preparing the answers of their own.

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