Read This If You Are Planning to Visit France


France is one of the most popular destinations where people from all over the world visit in all seasons. Over 5 million visitors come to France every year from UK only. However, before visiting France, it is better to have some awareness about the country’s culture and driving rules so that you may not face any unpleasant situation during your journey.

In case you are planning to drive yourself then following are few things to be consider before renting car in France.

  1. Driving age

Though you have to be minimum 18 years old in order to drive but you can hire a car only if you are 21 and above. Besides that, car renting is very expensive till you are 25 years old.

  1. License requirement

You must have your valid driving license and if you are interested to hire any car then you need to apply online for ‘share driving license’ to obtain necessary code, which the hiring company will like to check before giving you any car. This code is valid for 21 days.

  1. Driving kit for France

Police can stop you to check your papers like passport and driving licences etc. Besides that, you must also have breath analyser kit, triangle for warning and spare bulbs too.

  1. Turn off Satellite navigation

In France, it is illegal to use any navigation system including speed camera. So, you must switch them off if they are in-built in your car.

  1. Never use mobile phones

Use of mobile phone is banned in car except if you meet with an accident or the vehicle breaks down.

  1. In case of any car crash in France

In case of road crash, you need to fill up a form called ‘constat amiable’ which you must carry. You will be tested for drugs too.

  1. Speed limits

You must be aware of speed limits on different roads which are as follows. During rainy season it gets reduced by 10 km/h on normal road and 20 km/h in motorways.

  • 50 km/h in any normal road
  • Maximum 80 km/h in 3-lane road
  • In rural roads up to 90 km/h
  • Maximum 110 km/h for dual-carriageways and 130 km/h for motorways.
  1. Low emission zone

If you are driving in any important cities of France, then you must get the emission of your car fully checked for allowable limit.

  1. Prefer public conveyance

In cities like Paris, the traffic is heavily congested and also you are not allowed to use satellite navigation and hence it is preferable to use public conveyance.

  1. Driving with children

Children who are below 10 years will need approved child seat suitable to their age and size. Special child seat cushion is needed for child under 150 cm.

  1. Driving during winters

You need to fit snow chains on your wheels during snow season otherwise you can be fined.

  1.  Payment for fuel

You must tell your bank to respect your card payment for visiting abroad as you will have to use it for buying fuel.

  1. Drinking driving

Better not to drink while driving in France. Its drinking limit is lower than UK. You must carry a French breath analyser with you.

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