Recipe for the Perfect Backyard Barbecue



A barbecue is an event where people come together and eat food cooked on an outdoor grill. The event is held outside usually in a backyard or at a venue like a park or other public place where cooking is allowed.

The best barbecues however are backyard barbecues because the environment is completely controlled and there is no need to worry about outside people interrupting your fun. So, to have the perfect backyard barbecue, here is the recipe.

A Timber Decking Patio

A patio made from timber decking provides the ideal foundation for your backyard patios. Many people only discover the benefits of having a patio made from beautiful wood like Merbau decking timber after it is built. It adds a high level of beauty to your backyard and is very functional all year round. You can find timber patio ideas online or in magazines and you will be surprised at the amount of different styles of patios that can be custom created for your backyard space. You can build one that will accommodate your barbecue grill and have space for sitting and standing areas as well.

You timber patio is ground zero for your barbecue and it sets the perfect tone for your event. You might also want to consider a timber deck if your backyard is on an angle.

Buy the Highest Cut of Meats

When you want to have the perfect backyard barbecue of course the meat is the star of the show, so you want to purchase the absolute best. This means aiming for farm raised beef, pork, and chicken. This meat is not only the highest quality and cleanest, it is also the best tasting. Further you can feel great knowing that you are serving your family and friends meat that has no chemicals, antibiotics or growth hormones.

Don’t Forget the Side Dishes

When people come to a barbecue they come for the variety of food you will serve. Yes the meat has to be top quality but you also need to serve tasty side dishes. Barbecue favorites include potato, macaroni and tossed salads, mashed potatoes, green beans, sweet potatoes, and corn on the cob. You should have enough of each for all of your guests because running out will take your party from the best to very low on the all-time list.

Bring on the Games

You can count on your barbecue to last for hours and you will need to entertain everyone with activities in addition to food. One great option for activities is to have several games planned for your guests. You can choose popular board games like Monopoly and Clue, and you can also play word association games. Finally bring a deck of cards for some of the guests but you should discourage any gambling.

Finally, don’t forget a set up to play music, because this will make your group feel at home. And make sure you have lighting so the barbecue can last into the night.

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