Repair your Dell laptop with genuine parts


The Dell laptop has an AC adapter which is an external power supply that is used with other devices to run batteries. It also assists in reducing the size of a laptop by alleviating the need for standard sized power supply. It also has a battery that helps in the smooth run of a laptop that if once charged well can run for several hours. For one to easily transfer other files or document, one uses Bluetooth to send and receive files. Using Bluetooth can be an advantage when one is in a situation whereby they don’t have USB cables with them. If you need to repair your laptop, buy original dell parts.

You should know all the components

There’s a caddy found in a laptop that’s used to hold a medium. For those who copy files to and from sd card should have a card reader thus avoiding the struggle of plugging them through the USB port. Circuit boards are used in both laptops and desktops to serve as a foundation for many internal components which are connected to the motherboard which is also a type of printed circuit board. There’s a connector that’s used to connect the router box to the laptop directly, and the connector is also used as an Internet connector in some laptops. A laptop cannot work without a CPU which is used In running all the operating system and all other application. For supply in direct current power, a DC connector which is an electrical connector is used, and they are available in different standard types that aren’t interchangeable. For a laptop to function as a desktop computer, a docking station is used to connect the laptop to other multiple peripherals thus providing a single connection thus allowing the laptop to use connected monitor, keyboard and mouse. There are times when laptops overheat and so to cool down their temperatures; a heatsink is available to assist reduce the temperature.

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