Sex Tips: Hit the Right Spot with These Positions


G-spot? Some might think that it’s a myth, but there are others who are convinced it’s real and highly effective when giving mind-blowing orgasms in female. You can ask any woman who had G-spot orgasm, she will certainly tell you to simulate it.

Finding the G-spot is quite a quest. It might be easy to locate it in some women, while it’s almost impossible for others. If you insert a finger in her vagina with palm facing up and then bring it to a “come hither” motion, you should be close to the spot.

Manual stimulation might be the easiest way, but you can also incorporate it during intercourse – With Ajmer Escort Girls if and only if you’re in the right position.

  1. From behind

When it comes to stimulating the G-spot, most couples would go for rear-entry positions. You can go for doggy style or spooning. For you to reach the spot in this stance, make sure that your penis should rub against her vagina walls.Furthermore, if she’s on all fours, let her bend her back slightly and don’t let her head rest on the bed. To perfect this position, you can then lift her hips a little while thrusting in a downward motion.

  1. Girl on top

There are a number of women who prefers to be on top. The reason might go with the fact that when she’s riding you, she gains control. But as an added bonus, those woman-on-top positions are great for stimulating the G-spot. This is because she can control her hips in the right angle, which allows her to find the arrangement that feels best to her.

  1. The right rotation

Another excellent position for G-spot stimulation is the ‘Rotated Woman’ – an erotic sex technique. Start by lying on your back while she’s facing away from you. Let her lean down until she grabs your ankles.

She can now make circles with her hips in a figure-eight pattern or move up and down. With her vagina tightening up and the rubbing of your penis, this will certainly give her an intense and fiery G-spot pleasure.

  1. Head over heels

It’s time to be an acrobat as you explore an erotic stance called the ‘Flower Position’. First, let her put her feet on you chest or shoulders. You can lean against her thighs for support while she’s clutching your hips and pulling you closer for maximum penetration.

It may take time and some experimenting but once you get it right,u Can Also try With Nainital Escorts  there will surely be fireworks in the bedroom. Better yet, hire a horny goddess in Tamworth Escorts. When you give her the best G-spot stimulation, she will reward you with the most erotic sex you could ever imagine!

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