Side Jobs to Help You Make Extra Money This Month


Want to fatten up your bank account this month? If you already have a full-time job, then look for some creative side jobs that can help you earn a few extra bucks. To help you earn more with minimal stress, we have compiled a list of 9 fun side jobs you can consider to earn some extra cash this month.

  1. Take part in Surveys – Online survey portals offer cash vouchers of up to Rs. 10000. And it’s very simple to earn them. Simply fill in your opinion and thoughts in the online survey sheets and earn points. These points can either be redeemed to real cash money or vouchers to online stores.    
  2. Play games online – Another fun way to earn money is by playing Indian rummy game online that offer free cash prizes. You can play play classic rummy to win real cash. Just know all the rummy tips and tricks before you begin.
  3. Start a blog – Pick a topic you love and start writing on it. It can be about anything travel, astrology, cooking, movie reviews, or technology. When you have created the blog, leverage it into affiliate sales or product endorsement deals.
  4. Become a freelancer or freelance writer – Take up freelancing gigs that can help you earn a steady amount of money every month. You can consider typing jobs, web designing, writing, or proofreading, whatever seems enticing.
  5. Review Things – You can share your views on a particular product. It could be toys, books, mobile phones, make up, food, and so on. Recently opening mystery boxes has become a major hit.  
  6. Be an online travel agent – Plan holidays for others and share it for a fee. Do their bookings and take a commission on the same.
  7. Fix Google’s mistakes – Giants like Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc. pay you for fixing their search results. You simply have to mend the errors and make them qualitative, relevant, and useful.
  8. Rent your sports gear – Most people aren’t frequent trekkers or mountain climbers, and the equipment’s are expensive. So they prefer to take the gear on rent instead of buying it. If you own such equipment, like camp tents, GoPro camera, ski boots, skis, etc. put them up on rent.
  9. Sell stuff online – Consider selling some unused things on Ebay, Craigslist, and Facebook groups.

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