Skin Care By Some Of The Homemade Cosmetics


When it comes to the skin care women are more conscious about their skin. Whether they are working or a housewife every woman wants to have the beautiful skin. Pollution is nowadays becoming the culprit for damaging the skin tone and texture. But what we are seeing today is consciousness about the skin among the men also increasing.

Everyone wants the glowing and flawless skin, and the various commercial cosmetics are really working well in this. But sometimes people get trapped by local cosmetics and they suffer from various skin problems. Various skin problems can arise by health issues also, so never make them connected with the use of cosmetics.

Online pharmacy is nowadays becoming very popular among people to have all kind of medicines at their doorstep. If you notice any kind of skin related problem then never ignore and consult with a dermatologist.

Many of the ayurvedic cosmetics are available in the market that gives surety of the good skin care but why go for them if you already have all stuff present in your kitchen. Yes, we are talking about the homemade cosmetics.

Chemical based cosmetics are basically playing with the psychology of the people who wants to be beautiful. People by trying a wide range of cosmetics are actually putting their skin at risk of skin damage. So here are some of the homemade cosmetics that you can easily prepare at home.

  • Cucumber juice is the very commonly used ingredient that is used as a cosmetic. Have some cucumber juice mixed with rose water and milk, just massaging with it makes the skin glow.
  • For the dull skin, one can use the turmeric powder mixed with few drops of lime juice and one tablespoon of cucumber juice. Applying it for few minutes and rinse it one can have the flawless skin with all dullness gone.
  • For treating pimples papaya is considered a very good ingredient. Mashed papaya applied to the face and left for 15 minutes this can make the skin flawless, supple and soft.
  • Coconut water is a very good cleanser and applying it to the face helps in making the skin fair.
  • You can easily prepare the scrub at your own kitchen. Have the olive oil and if you don’t have you can use coconut oil, mixed with Himalayan pink salt.

Using cosmetics is good but in a limited way but using it all for the whole day can damage your skin. Before going for purchasing the cosmetics first be sure about the ingredients present in it or we can say the chemicals present in it.

One must know how these chemical based cosmetic products damage the skin and the remained scar always remind you about the chemical used on your face. Go for the homemade cosmetics to make your skin flawless and to look beautiful. You can go for ayurvedic and organic cosmetics if you really concern about your skin.

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