Study Tips For Mathematics



Before we get into the study tips for math, let us understand that there is no right way to study mathematics. In other words, everybody studies differently. Some may need to practise as many problems as possible to get better at math, while for a few others just listening to the math lecture over and over again is more than enough. A few tips are listed in this article and there is a good chance that you might not agree with most due to time constraints and other reasons. Find out which math tips help you most.

Why is mathematics hard?

Most things in life do not have a definite answer. For example, it may rain today or it may not rain. But that’s not the case in mathematics. 2+2 is always equal to 4 and the value of pi will always be the same. This might make you feel overwhelmed and think that you need to memorise everything, the way you would in a history class.

In a 25 step problem, due to a misplaced negative sign, you might end up getting a wrong answer. It can feel frustrating to have done so much correctly only for it to go wrong in the end due to a negative sign. And it wasn’t a “bad at math” mistake, but a “readingmistake. Silly mistakes like this make students feel that they are not good at math. Keeping this in mind we have listed a few tips below to help you score better.

Get Involved!

Math isn’t a spectator sport. One won’t get far just by buying huge stacks of books and watching the teacher explaining something. To get actively involved, one needs to attend classes regularly and pay attention in class. Take down good notes and work through all the homework problems. Even if the instructor doesn’t assign you any homework, make sure to solve various problems with the help of a resource. For class 12 students preparing for boards, the best resource available now in the market is RD Sharma class 12 solutions. It comprises of well thought out exercises that are designed to help you understand concepts precisely.  Besides, it encompasses a detailed step by step solutions to help students practise problems with great speed and accuracy.


Know the Basics

To grasp a new topic correctly, fundamental concepts are important as it helps to understand newly introduced concepts with ease. Hence, we can agree on the fact that being thorough with math concept is a very crucial aspect. A 12th grader can refer to RD Sharma class 10 solutions to refresh the basics. These solutions also are helpful in the preparation of competitive exams, especially the ones for engineering.

These tips if followed diligently will help you attain exemplary marks in the exam. Find more resources from in-depth articles on mathematical concepts to exhaustive exercises that test your conceptual understanding only on RD Sharma Solutions website.

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