The Benefits of Photography


Photography is both a Technique and an Art. It is a technique because it requires the knowledge of a set of technical procedures related to the production of photography and the use of the camera. It is an Art because it has an artistic component that reveals the sensitivity of the photographer, their emotions and their way of seeing the world, this picture enhancement can be done by a photo editor free download for a more quality photo.

From the combination of these two components – technical and artistic – may, in fact, result in photographs of exceptional quality in which, often, it is not known where the Art begins and the Technique ends.

For the general public, the benefits that are derived from the observation of the wonderful photographs that you are looking at are known. The lay observer in the matter of photography delights in the artistic component of the image that is present to the eye. The observer who is knowledgeable in photography techniques can already better separate the two components and perceive what is related to the Technique and what Art lent to the photograph as a whole.

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If for the general public the benefits that are obtained when observing good photographs are known, what will be, or what will be the benefits that the photographer obtains as he refines his technique and, simultaneously, creating experiences where he materializes and develops his Art?

Benefits of Photography

In fact, there are several benefits that the photographer, more gifted or less gifted, takes from photography. Let’s look at some of these benefits:

  • Increase your technical expertise in an area that encourages you
  • Acquires a hobby that, besides helping you pass the time, gives you a great pleasure
  • Performs an activity where he constantly makes new discoveries, which greatly promotes his self-esteem
  • Develops various human capacities, such as observation, attention, concentration, and patience acquires knowledge of Nature, knowledge of physical laws.
  • By sharing your photos and your knowledge, you develop friendships with many other people dedicated to this hobby or to this profession. Not to mention those who use photography as a means of subsistence and family. And many other benefits we couldn’t present here.

Of the benefits mentioned above, one of those that has most marked me as amateur photography is to develop the ability to observe what surrounds me and to what great advantage I have taken in my activities as teacher and writer. In fact, today, after a few tens of years of practicing photography, I look at my surroundings with different eyes than I did a few years ago. My view of today already incorporates the physical explanation of the phenomena, already foresees situations that will occur under certain conditions, is already more justifiably expectant regarding occurrences that can occur. Today, my look is more objective than it was before. Today I better distinguish what is the essence of things and phenomena of what is an accessory.

The accumulated experience of life, as well as the greater social awareness, are also very important factors in the way we are photographed and in what is photographed, as we get a new look at people and things of everyday life.

Final Words

And all this results from the learning that is done with photography, with the acquired technical, scientific and emotional knowledge, and which forces us to pay more attention to what is photographed, with a more emotional and attentive look at the social reality, to perceive how should you produce a photograph. Learning to photograph requires us to observe better, to be more attentive to what happens and why it happens, forces us to be more focused before and during the photographic act.

We all also know the importance of humans of these three characteristics:

  1. Observation
  2. Attention

No activity can be conveniently performed by humans without using these three characteristics at a normal level. If you have them in a developed degree, the better you will perform the different activities of your day today.

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