The Champions of Denver, Colorado


The Broncos Denver started playing in the American Football League in 1960, but they were not a strong team for the first decade of their game history, it took so much time to build a strong team that they could not even see through even one season until the year 1973. Run by the Bolen trust this team qualified for their maiden playoff in 1977 and went to participate in the Super Bowl 12.

Among the Denver Broncos roster, there are five players from this Colorado team who have got the prestigious honor of including their names in the Pro Football Hall of Fame. The evolution of Denver Broncos can be divided into three phases:

  1. 1960-1969- in these years this team won their maiden American football league game in September 1960 and the Denver Broncos rumors of an underdog team were relinquished and in the year 1967, they won their maiden National Football league(NFL) title defeating Detroit Lions. Despite these winnings, they were not so successful before 1980, because before that they could only qualify once for the playoffs.
  2. 1970-1982: in the year 1973, the Denver Broncos under the coach John Ralston who was the united press international’s American football conference coach of the year. After that the team won three consecutive seasons under his guidance, and then along with the assistant coach Red Miller and their quarterback Craig Morton, the team went to play their first season playoff in the year 1977.
  3. 1983-1998: then came the time of John Elmway and Dan Reeves, with John on the Denver Broncos roster the team went to win various titles and championships including three American Football conference championships and also three appearances in the super bowl matches.

In the year 1997, the super bowl 32 when the Denver Broncos emerged as the victorious team of the super bowl for the very first time, and again next in the super bowl 33 they defended their cup by beating Atlanta Falcons 34 and 19.

They have played many successful seasons since then, but in year 2016, they had to go through some setbacks as they did not play in the season playoff for the first time since 2010. Today the Denver Broncos are playing under the head coach Vance Joseph and they have recently hired a new quarterback Case Keenum in the year 2018.

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