The List of Top HDFC Mutual Funds Schemes for SIP investment 2019


HDFC Mutual Fund is counted in the list of the top most fund houses in the nation. The Mutual fund AMC offers a series of options to investors including – Hybrid, Equity, and Debt for catering to all of their individual investment needs.

The lucrative investment mode gives the users two options to invest in HDFC Mutual Fund – Lump-sum and HDFC SIP plans.

Under the SIP plans that HDFC offers, investors can create a steady discipline which is needed for entering and remaining in such high revenue generating fund type as HDFC funds.

Let us look at how the HDFC SIP plan even works –

HDFC SIP plan work like just another SIP, meaning it requires the investors to choose any one or multiple HDFC schemes and fix an amount plus a tenure under which the amount will automatically be debited from their account for the selected amount of time.

And, once the tenure ends, they can decide whether to continue making the investments of bring an end to it and redeem the complete amount.

Now that we have looked at the process of how HDFC SIP works, it is time to look into the different benefits that the mode of SIP investment offers to the investors.

Benefits of investing in HDFC SIP plans

  1. The advantage of different fund type

HDFC comes with a number of fund type options to make it easy for the investors to make a choice. As an investor, you can choose to put in your money in Long Term plan or Mid-Term or even Short-Term plans that give very profitable return even if you are invested for simply a year.

HDFC also gives you the option to invest in fund types that help you save tax through their ELSS plans.

  1. Variety of Investment Tenure

With HDFC SIP plans, you get the option to choose your own preferred mode of investment tenure and it can be anything ranging from 6 months to 10 years or even more. The fund type also gives you the freedom to close the investment as you seem fit, something that is a lot of interest for the young investors.

  1. Opportunity to put in Minimum Effort for Maximum Gain

HDFC SIP enables you with the opportunity to sit back and relax as see your money grow. Instead of watching the market every waking hour and taking decisions on the fact if you should let your money or take it out, you get the benefit of leaving the money in for a long tenure as the market moves itself and get in and out of fluctuations.

This benefit of not being on a constant watch comes as a perk for young investors who are not too willing to be attentive a 100% of their time.

Now that we have given you a brief on what HDFC SIP stands for and the different benefits that come tagged with the perks, it is time to look into the HDFC Mutual Fund plans that you should invest in 2019 for maximum returns.

3 HDFC Mutual Fund SIP to Invest in 2019

There is a huge number of Mutual Funds that investors can choose from for high returns, but let us look at the equity mutual fund schemes in SIP mode that HDFC offers in this piece, after all, equity is indeed the fund type that offers maximum returns.

  1. HDFC Small Cap Fund

The fund that comes with the aim to offer capital appreciation in the long-term is invested majorly in the equity and the instruments revolving around equity in mid and small-cap companies. The fund is mostly chosen by investors who come with high risk appetite and which to have a long-term growth via the investment route.

  1. HDFC Prudence Fund

The open-ended balanced scheme comes with the goal to offer long-term creation of wealth in addition to the advantage of timely return by making the investments in prudent combination of debt and equity instruments. The medium risk fund type is best for investors who are looking for both growth and constant flow of income from their invested fund.

  1. HDFC Capital Builder Fund

The open-ended growth fund type is aimed at offering long-term wealth growth by making the investments mainly in either equity or in the instruments which are related to equity. These are best suited for investors who have a rich appetite for risk and wish to have a long-term growth in capital.

Now that we have attended to everything that is needed to start with HDFC mutual fund investment, it is time to get in touch with our Fund experts and start your SIP.

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